Marilyn Mosby

L to R: Kim Foxx and Marilyn Mosby

READ: Can Progressive Prosecutors Lead Criminal Justice Reform?

A new article asks if attorneys who are paid to put people in jail can help fix a system that disproportionately locks away Black and Latinx people.

Men in blue prison jumpsuits walking on green and brown field against brown fence and white-and-brown patrol tower

New BET Doc Highlights Role of District Attorneys in Mass Incarceration

Watch the new trailer for “Charged: The DA vs. Black America,” which premieres on BET on November 7.

Marilyn Mosby in grey pinstriped suit with white shirt underneath against multi-colored mural of Freddie Gray and grey street

READ: Marilyn Mosby Discusses Freddie Gray Trial, Black Lives Matter in New Interview

A new article from The New York Times Magazine investigates the forces that Mosby says stopped her from successfully prosecuting the officers implicated in Freddie Gray’s death.

panelists seated in front of black background with white text reading "Truth to Power"

WATCH: Alicia Garza, Ben Jealous Talk Freddie Gray and Police Militarization

The Truth to Power panel—held during the DNC in Philadelphia—discussed the dismissal of charges in Freddie Gray’s death and the structural conditions that lead to police militarization.

Garrett Miller, William Porter and Alicia White in mugshots with brown background

Charges Dropped Against 3 Remaining Officers Involved in Freddie Gray's Death

It looks like no Baltimore officers will be held accountable for Gray’s death following his time in police custody.

A blue, black, white, red and yellow mural is painted on a brick wall; it features Freddie Gray's name, date of birth and date of death

Remaining Freddie Gray Cops File Motions to Dismiss Their Cases

The officers allege that the prosecution encouraged false testimony and violated their right to due process.

Two Officers Charged in Freddie Gray's Death Sue for Defamation

Sgt. Alicia White and Officer William Porter are going after Baltimore State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby.

Activist DeRay McKesson Wants to Be Baltimore’s Next Mayor

“In order to achieve the promise of our city and become the Baltimore we know we can become, we must challenge the practices that have not and will not lead to transformation.”

Baltimore Activists Protest Police Commissioner Appointment, Arrested During Sit-in

Baltimore Uprising on Kevin Davis’ pending appointment as Baltimore police chief: “Since Kevin Davis took office as interim police commissioner there has been a heightened aggression from law enforcement towards protesters.”

Baltimore PD Arrests Activist Kwame Rose During Freddie Gray Pre-Trial Protest

Also, the judge denied a motion to dismiss the charges against the officers accused of killing Gray in police custody. 

All 6 Police Officers Charged in Freddie Gray Killing Are Indicted

A Baltimore grand jury indicted each officer with every offense they were charged with. 

Watch Maryland State’s Attorney Mosby Announce Charges

I heard your call for ‘No Justice, No Peace’

State’s Attorney Charges Officers in Freddie Gray’s Death

The six officers involved face a range of charges, from misconduct to second-degree murder