Rihanna. black woman in grey snakeskin dress and black tattoo on collarbone smiles in front of dark navy wall with grey text

Rihanna Says No to the Super Bowl

The singer reportedly declined to perform at the halftime show in solidarity with blacklisted NFL player and activist Colin Kaepernick.

Illustration of Asian and Latinx girl in black shorts and jacket and brown tank top in front of purple background with pink figures; illustration of a Latinx man and orange non-human being melded together on green and pink background

Eric Esquivel Confronts the Violence of Borders in His Work

The “Border Town” writer on the highs and lows of challenging Latinx identity boundaries.

Kobe Bryant. Black man in black and white tuxedo in front of red and white background.

Film Fest Drops Kobe Bryant From Jury For Rape Accusation

Animation is Film Festival organizers removed the basketball player and film producer from the lineup after a petition called out his charges for allegedly raping a teenage hotel employee in 2003.

Women hold pink signs with white lettering. They read, "Stand with women," and "Protect women's health."

Nearly Half the Texas Providers Offering Free Reproductive Health Care Have Zero Patients

The state has not found an effective alternative to Planned Parenthood, which it defunded in 2011.


Arts & Culture

Eve Ewing. Black woman with short blonde hair in black shirt and blue jean jacket with red accents in front of green background

READ: Eve Ewing's Work Examines Black Chicago's 'Ghosts' and Heroes


Barbed wire surrounding a prison during sunset.

Amendment 4 Could Restore Voting Rights for Millions of Formerly Incarcerated People in Florida

Trump Presidency

Gender & Sexuality

Tanya Walker. Black transgender activist holds black megaphone while wearing grey shirt behind brown podium with pink and light blue transgender transgender pride flag with letters reading "RESIST" and surrounded by other people with multicolored signs

Transgender and Gender-Nonconforming Activists and Allies Vow to Fight Legal Erasure

Facing Race

Breakout Session Sneak Peek: Racial Equity Strategies for Workforce Development

Facing Race Sneak Peek: Racial Equity Strategies for Workforce Development