Domestic Workers

How A Jim Crow Era Holdover Hurts Domestic Workers Today

Domestic workers still may not be paid for time worked–and have no recourse to fight theft

Celebrate The International Woman in Your Life With the 'Meet My Immigrant Mom' Tumblr

It’s just love.

Just in Time for Oscars, Street Artist Gets Hollywood to Think About Its Workers

Gomez’s installation includes cardboard cutouts of the Oscar statue, a housekeeper and gardener.

Report: Immigration Status and Race Affect Domestic Workers' Pay

Welcome to the world of domestic work.

Janelle Monáe On Being a Former Maid and Why She Still Wears a Uniform

The singer-songwriter delivered the most moving speech of the evening at the BLACK GIRLS ROCK! 2012 awards ceremony.

Governor Brown Denies Overtime Protection to Domestic Workers in CA

Domestic workers in California will continue to be excluded from or discriminated against by most labor and employment laws.

Did One Of Romney's Housekeepers Make a Cameo in RNC Video?

The video featured the Romney family inside their home several times but in one of the scenes a women who appears to be working for the family in the background was simply ignored.

Ramiro Gomez's Cardboard Cut Outs Make LA Times' Frontpage

Gomez hopes his works shed light on the unseen laborers who keep homes and lawns and care for youngsters.

Latino Street Artist Sparks Conversation About Labor in Beverly Hills

A 25-year old Mexican American artist is forcing drivers in Beverly Hills to think about it’s workforce with art.

Ai-jen Poo, Activist Leading CA Domestic Workers, Makes Time 100

Ai-jen Poo leads a nationwide movement of nannies, housekeepers and care workers to gain long overdue workers’ rights

Domestic Workers Use Oscar Buzz Around 'The Help' to Create Change

The film isn’t perfect, to be sure, but it offers a strategic opening to organizers fighting for domestic workers’ rights. And they’ve been smart enough to exploit it.

Calif. Domestic Workers Celebrate Oscar Nod for "The Help"

Just before 6am this morning more than 500 domestic workers and children were in buses from around the state of California to march for domestic workers rights at the State Capitol in Sacramento when they learned about the Oscar nominations for ‘The Help.’

Obama Shuts Jim Crow Era Labor-Law Loop Hole for Home Care Workers

President Obama and Secretary of Labor Solis announced nearly 2 million homecare workers will soon have federal overtime and minimum wage protections. These workers, among others, were left out of 1930s laws at behest of Southern white lawmakers.

'The Help' Today Still Don't Have Rights, Actually

Fifty years after the Jim Crow era in which this much-discussed film is set, the largely immigrant women taking care of rich people’s families remain ignored by most labor protections.

Who's Gonna Care for the Aging Boomers? Poor, Immigrant Women

As the GOP pushes Medicare and Medicaid cuts, advocates urge Congress to make the programs work for three million home-care givers making poverty-wages–and the ballooning number of people who depend upon them.

It's Time to Talk to Employers About Domestic Workers' Rights

As the movement for domestic workers’ rights spreads across the country, progressive employers will need a heads up that speaks to their consciences–and their pockets.

Domestic Workers Lead the Way to 21st Century Labor Rights

An historic New York victory demonstrates what today’s labor movement needs to look like.

NY Domestic Workers Celebrate Historic Labor Win

It’s official: Gov. Paterson signed into law yesterday new rights for New York State’s domestic workers yesterday. Their movement may be a national model for reform.

'Is She Yours?': Mixed-Race Families in the Eyes of Others

Multiracial families often evoke strange looks of bewilderment from strangers, followed by the awkward question, “Is she yours?” Or the even more vexing, “Are you looking for more work?”

Domestic Workers Get Overtime Pay But No Union

A new law in New York grants basic human rights like a day off per week, but no collective bargaining.