Screenshot of photo of murdered 21-year-old Alabama man Emantic Bradford

Alleged Mall Shooter Arrested, Police Still Can't Explain Why Officer Killed Emantic Bradford Jr.

The family of the Black man shot and killed by a police officer on Thanksgiving night is still waiting for the truth.

A Black protestor holds a sign that says 'keep abortion legal' in front of the supreme court

Reproductive Rights Did Not Win the Midterm Elections

From state constitution changes to the revocation of an Obama-era birth control rule, things are changing.

Yellow and black Waffle House sign above red awning and windows.

Alabama Police Violently Arrest Black Woman at Waffle House

Chikesia Clemons just wanted to file a complaint about her server with company headquarters. Instead, law enforcement officers stripped and threatened her.

U.S. Senate candidate Doug Jones, wearing a suit, sits at a table with a Black man in a fisherman's hat, a Black woman in a black wool hat and a Black man wearing a black and black khaki striped shirt

Black Alabamans Appreciate Your Thanks. Now Give Us the Power.

Doug Jones won the special senate election in Alabama because Black folks used our own homegrown tools that we have been building and refining for many years. It’s past time to substantially invest in Black political organizing infrastructure in the South.

Black woman takes selfie with Doug Jones

#TrustBlackWomen: Voter Appreciation Edition

Black women were the deciding factor in keeping a racist, homophobic, alleged predator out of the Senate.

Woman wears "Trump" pin and "Judge Roy Moore U.S. Senate" sticker

WATCH: Why Roy Moore's Racism, Homophobia and Alleged Sexual Relations With Teenagers Should Bar Him From Congress

Moore wants to represent Alabama in the United States Senate. Democracy Now! breaks down the Republican candidate’s record.

Black people sit on floor in office

UPDATE: NAACP Members Arrested for Occupying Senator Jeff Sessions' Office

The Alabama senator is Trump’s nominee for attorney general. He was previously denied a federal judgeship due to his racist speech.

 The fire from the Colonial Pipeline explosion burned for days, prompting evacuations. Now, a federal agency is investigating the explosion.

Federal Agency Investigates Pipeline Explosion That Killed 1 and Seriously Injured 4

It is the third major incident for the company in just one year. 

Greyscale image of man in baseball cap near keyboards

Breaking Presents: Samora Pinderhughes, a Jazz Composer Writing Scores for the Movement

The pianist and composer offers a cathartic affirmation of Black humanity and resistance on “The Transformation Suite.”

Tim Boyle/Getty

READ: 8 Years After Chemical Leak, Residents Still Pushing for Compensation

In Eight Mile, Alabama, residents face nosebleeds, seizures and headaches—and no one’s done anything to fix it.

Court Tosses Restrictive Proof of Citizenship Requirement for Would Be Voters

A federal appeals court ruled that the provision—which required the likes of a birth certificate just to register to vote—was illegal.

Brick church sits at intersection

Birmingham Church Bomber Denied Parole

Jefferson County District Attorney Brandon Falls: “This was a crime against four children. This was a crime against a church and its congregation. This was a crime against an entire race of people.”

WATCH: Alabama Black Caucus Interrupts State House Session With 'We Shall Overcome'

The state caucus members sang out in frustration after the state house approved two bills that would restrict safe abortion access.

Alabama the Latest State to Prevent Cities From Increasing Minimum Wage

State legislators just passed a law that blocks local lawmakers from requiring businesses to pay employees more than $7.25 an hour. Unfortunately, Alabama isn’t alone.

Alabama Judge Dismisses Case of Indian National Injured by Cop

Read the judge’s opinion: ”The Government has had two full and fair chances to obtain a conviction; it will not have another.”

REPORT: Alabama Police Department Planted Drugs and Guns on Black Men for Decade

The Alabama Justice Project uncovers evidence that a group of Dohan, Alabama, officers routinely planted evidence on innocent Black men—and the district attorney looked the other way.

Donald Trump Supporters Attack Black Lives Matter Activist at Campaign Event. Trump Calls the Beating Victim 'Obnoxious And Loud.'

Add this to Trump’s endless list of vitriolic, racist and racially tinged statements. 

Alabama Will Make Voter Registration Easier, Avoid Civil Rights Lawsuit

The state agreed to integrate voter registration into its driver’s license application, renewal and change of address processes to comply with Section 5 of the National Voter Registration Act of 1993.

State Governors Defy President, Attempt to Forbid Syrian Refugees

Governors of Michigan, Texas, Alabama and other states seek to prevent Syrian refugee settlement following the Paris bombings.