REPORT: Alabama Police Department Planted Drugs and Guns on Black Men for Decade

The Alabama Justice Project uncovers evidence that a group of Dohan, Alabama, officers routinely planted evidence on innocent Black men—and the district attorney looked the other way.

Donald Trump Supporters Attack Black Lives Matter Activist at Campaign Event. Trump Calls the Beating Victim 'Obnoxious And Loud.'

Add this to Trump’s endless list of vitriolic, racist and racially tinged statements. 

Alabama Will Make Voter Registration Easier, Avoid Civil Rights Lawsuit

The state agreed to integrate voter registration into its driver’s license application, renewal and change of address processes to comply with Section 5 of the National Voter Registration Act of 1993.

State Governors Defy President, Attempt to Forbid Syrian Refugees

Governors of Michigan, Texas, Alabama and other states seek to prevent Syrian refugee settlement following the Paris bombings. 

Two Mistrials in Two Months for Cop Who Violently Arrested Sureshbhai Patel

This is the second deadlocked jury in the case against Eric Parker, the Alabama police officer whose actions left an Indian national paralyzed. 

Attorney To Injured Sureshbhai Patel: 'Follow Our Laws And Speak Our Language'

Officer Eric Parker is being tried for a second time for using excessive force when he arrested Indian citizen Sureshbhai Patel.

ICYMI: Hillary Clinton Calls Alabama DMV Office Closures 'A Blast From The Jim Crow Past'

The Democratic presidential candidate penned an op-ed in the Birmingham News,  coinciding with her campaign stop in Alabama, criticizing the closure of centers where black citizens most frequently obtain the ID they need to vote.

Alabama City May Outlaw Sagging Pants, Short Skirts

Dadeville councilperson Frank Goodman on wearing sagging pants: “It is not in His orders to do that to gain eternal life.”

Alabama Mom Files Lawsuit Against Police for Tasering Sick Daughter

Suit says police tasered a teenage girl three times during a medical emergency.

Part 2—Race Trips: Confederate Lies and Apple Pie

In Part 2 of a new Colorlines series, journalists Brian and Erin Hollaway Palmer, an interracial couple, continue their trip through the Deep South where they’re confronting the big lie of Confederate history, the truth about their ancestors, and the profound weirdness of a polite society plagued by racism.  

South Carolina State Rep Says AME Victims 'Waited Their Turn to be Shot,' Defends Confederate Flag

South Carolina state representative Bill Chumley says Charleston massacre victims should have been able to take on “one skinny person shooting a gun” and that the Confederate flag should remain on the statehouse. Meanwhile, Alabama quietly removed the flag from their capitol this morning.

Alabama Cop Fired After Video Slamming Indian Grandfather to the Ground

Madison officer Eric Parker also faces assault charges.

Indian Grandfather Nearly Paralyzed After Police Encounter in Alabama

The officer involved has been placed on administrative leave.

Well, Just How Bad Are Alabama's Prisons?

A five-month investigation goes in depth

Alabama Schools Caught Discriminating Against Undocumented Kids

The Southern Poverty Law Center found that 96 of the state’s 134 school districts were violating federal law.

Undocumented Immigrants Block Alabama Detention Center

The seven were arrested.

Kansas Legislator Attempts Alabama HB 56 Redux with Bill to Track Undocumented Students

Kansas state Rep. Allan Rothlisberg wants to know how much money his state is spending to educate undocumented students.

Alabama's 'Scottsboro Boys' Receive Pardon 80 Years After Arrests

The parole board was unanimous in its decision in the case that came to symbolize racism in the Deep South

Settlement Reached to Block Key Parts of Alabama Immigration Law

A coalition of civil rights groups declared victory yesterday after two years of battling an immigration law criticized for being excessive and leading to racial profiling.

State Attorney Generals Vow Immediate Voter ID Implementation

States that had holding back on voter ID laws are now moving forward full throttle after the Shelby decision.