A YouTube video shot in front of a El Paso, Colorado grocery store that depicts a woman only registering Republicans has gone viral. The short video shows a young woman identifying herself as an El Paso County, Co. Clerk’s Office who is there only to hand out registration forms to likely Romney voters.

The County Clerk issued a statement Sunday discrediting the woman seen in the video but the controversy is bringing other voter suppression efforts in the state to light.

“The young lady in this video is not an employee of the Clerk & Recorder’s Office and her statements regarding working for the County  Clerk’s Office are inaccurate,” read a statement issued Sunday by the County Clerk.

“Our office has reached out to the campaign involved and requested that they clarify this information with their volunteers. They have responded and have clarified the matter to their volunteers to avoid this happening again in the future,” the statement continued.

But for many following voter suppression efforts across the country say these type of stories coming out of Colorado shouldn’t come as a shock.

“Colorado is a state where the state secretary Scott Gessler has attempted a reckless purge program in cahoots with Kansas state secretary Kris Kobach, who has shown a clear hostility to Latino immigrants and expansive voting rights,” said Brentin Mock, Colorlines.com’s Voting Rights reporter.

“Colorado is also the place where Sec. Gessler is fighting county elections supervisors in the Democratic enclave of Denver by preventing them from mailing ballots to voters. Gessler also has joined teams with voter harassment team True the Vote, who he shared stage with at the Heritage Foundation this summer to defend these policies which look like nothing but a partisan attempt to steal the election.”