Voter Rights

Baby in stroller waits as midterm election voters cast their ballots at Atlanta, Georgia's Grady High School polling station on November 6, 2018.

Voter Suppression: Did it Work?

Republicans attempted to silence voters of color in midterm races across the country.

Barbed wire surrounding a prison during sunset.

Amendment 4 Could Restore Voting Rights for Millions of Formerly Incarcerated People in Florida

People with felony convictions in the Sunshine State face some of the harshest voting laws in the nation.

American flag with "SOS" written on it.

READ: Former DOJ Civil Rights Head Says Trump Administration is Preparing for Voter Purge

Vanita Gupta for The New York Times: “My biggest fear is that the government will issue a report with ‘findings’ of unsupported claims of illegal voting, focused on communities of color.”

Rethinking Racial Justice Law a Year After the Gutting of the Voting Rights Act

One year after the Supreme Court found Section 4 of the Voting Rights Act unconstitutional, a group of lawyers are learning new ways to protect people of color.

What's Good--and Bad--About the New Voting Rights Act

The new amendment to the Voting Rights Act explained

What Would It Take To Pass a Voting Rights Amendment? [INFOGRAPHIC]

Mapping out a constitutional solution to the Supreme Court’s devastating ruling this summer.

At 'Shelby v. Holder' Hearing, Debate Over Southern Racism and Congressional Power

Yesterday’s Supreme Court hearing about Section 5 of the Voting Rights Act revealed a lot about how some of us deal with race in America. Here, five major takeaways straight from the courthouse.

What's the Scope of Voter Suppression in this Election?

After months of trying, are voter suppression tactics really working at the polls?

Ready to Vote? Rampant Suppression Threatens Already Tight Race

There are plenty more threats to the vote than there are days left to cast your ballot.

Suppression Surges as Election Nears

With a week-and-a-half left until Election Day, voter suppression schemes slam swing states.

Anonymous Funder Pulls 'Voter Fraud' Billboards Rather Than Reveal Itself

After widespread outrage, Clear Channel finally invoked its policy against anonymous political ads.

Whoopi Goldberg Bleeped After Ann Coulter Tries To Tell Her About Black People

“The View” host Whoopi Goldberg confronted Ann Coulter over the topic of race and ended up cursing her out and accusing her of not knowing what she was talking about.

Woman Acting for El Paso County, Co. Clerk's Office Only Registering Republicans [Video]

The short video shows a young woman identifying herself as an El Paso County, Co. Clerk’s Office who is there only to hand out registration forms to likely Romney voters.

Citizenship and Voter I.D. Laws Could Keep 10 Million Latinos From Voting

New study finds that 23 states currently have legal barriers that disproportionately impact voter registration and participation by Latino citizens.

Pa. Supreme Court Leaves Voter ID Law in Limbo

The Pennsylvania Supreme Court just issued a 4-2 ruling on the state’s voter ID law saying that the matter should be kicked back to the lower Commonwealth Court for further review.

Federal Court Removes New Restrictions on Voter Registration Groups

On Wednesday, a federal judge in Florida issued an order to permanently remove a new restriction that would have made it harder for voter registration groups to register new voters.

LIVE CHAT: Reporters on the Threat to Voting Rights in 2012

Watch–and join–a conversation about the 2012 elections and the growing rightwing attack on the right to vote.

Today's the Voting Rights Act's Birthday. What's It to You?

“We cannot – we must not– refuse to protect the right of Americans to vote in any election in which they may desire to participate,” President Johnson said 47 years ago.

I Have Photo ID, Therefore I Am

Ten Pennsylvania residents have spent the past week explaining in court that they do, in fact, exist and ought to be able to vote.

General Motors and Walgreens Leave ALEC, 30 Firms Have Left

Walgreens and General Motors are the 29th and 30th corporations to announce that they have dropped ALEC.