Teachers in Denver, Colorado are dressed in winter gear as they strike and hold large white signs in front of the Colorado State Capitol on February 11, 2019.

Immigrant Teachers in Denver Threatened With Deportation For Striking

Denver Classroom Teachers Association president Henry Roman: “This is just a scare tactic to intimidate our immigrant educators.”

Black man in black hoodie with white laces raises index finger while posed against blurry gray background

READ: Killer Mike on How to Bring More Black People Into Medical Marijuana Boom

State-level marijuana legality reforms often don’t help African Americans who are frozen out of dispensary ownership. The rapper partners with scholar Erik Nielson for a new Rolling Stone essay that breaks down how to fix the disparity.

Voters cast their ballots at voting booths at PS198M The Straus School on November 8, 2016, in New York, United States.

How This Year's 3 Big Climate Initiatives Will Impact Communities of Color

Washington, Colorado and Florida all have climate initiatives on the ballot today—and all three have the potential to change lives.  

Sketch of two men, one in charcoal and white with green marijuana leaves and charcoal money bags surrounding him and another with brown skin and a black shirt with the word "felon" in red on top

WATCH: Jay Z Breaks Down Racist Legacy of War on Drugs in New Short Film

The film, produced by dream hampton and brought to life via Molly Crabapple’s artwork, details the past and present of our country’s hypocritcal and racist drug enforcement and sentencing policies.

Black man in white shirt stands with hands up, red and blue police lights shining on him

WATCH: Black Man's Hands Up, Cop Tases Him in Back

Body camera video has surfaced of Aurora, Colorado, police using a stun gun on the man—seemingly right after he told them, “I know my rights!”

WATCH: Jessica Williams Tackles Trans Panic in This Epic Video

“The Daily Show With Trevor Noah” correspondent sat down with trans activists and a transphobic Colorado lawmaker to examine the rationale behind anti-trans laws.

'Illegal Pete's' to Keep Name Despite Criticism

The new location is set to open Thursday.

Latino, Immigration Groups Demand Reform After GOP's Sweeping Wins

Immigration reform groups and lawmakers warn Democrats not to take Latinos for granted.

Activists: Calling a Mexican Restaurant 'Illegal Pete's' is Racist

Community activists are urging the owner of Illegal Pete’s, a Colorado-based Mexican food chain, to drop the I-word from its name.

Colorado Joins Parade of States Granting Driver's Licenses to the Undocumented

It’s been a big year for driver’s licenses for undocumented immigrants.

Colorado's In-State Tuition ASSET Bill One Signature Away From Law

It’s another tuition equity win for undocumented students.

Watch Colorado Poll Watcher Report 'High Concentration of People of Color'

A Republican poll watcher complains that too many people of color were voting in Aurora, Colorado on Election Day.

Sheriff Deputies, Poll Worker Harass Latinos in Swing State Colorado

Colorado’s Latino voters could well decide this election–but some will have to overcome harassment to cast their ballots.

Woman Acting for El Paso County, Co. Clerk's Office Only Registering Republicans [Video]

The short video shows a young woman identifying herself as an El Paso County, Co. Clerk’s Office who is there only to hand out registration forms to likely Romney voters.

This Week's Victories in Voting Rights

The push back against voter suppression has resulted in some major victories this week.

Colorado Town Debates Whether School Police Can Also Work for ICE

Kids in the tiny town of Carbondale had to see their school police officer also deport their families during immigration raids.