The Democratic National Convention (DNC) brought thousands of people to Philadelphia this week, but the Wells Fargo Center wasn’t the only game in town.

Rock the Vote offered daily programming as part of its Truth to Power series. The centerpiece was a pop-up art exhibit with politically and socially confrontational artwork from acclaimed artists like Banksy and Shepard Fairey, the talent behind the iconic 2008 “Obama Hope” poster. With pieces that address issues like police brutality and immigration reform, the exhibit (which closed July 27) offered a counterpoint to the narratives that dominated the DNC.

Check out photos of work installed in the exhibit:

white neon light with black background“Corporate Media Still Sucks,” Brooks Bell

cat with top hat made out of brown metal“99 Problems (Bein’ Rich Ain’t One),” Charlie Becker.

painting with black and charcoal lines on white background“Embrace,” Alejandra Abad.

photo with black background and vertical American flag, man's limbs below“Juan Doe, Portrait of an Undocumented Immigrant,” Albert Roman.

Parents talk to child, blue background“The Talk,” Michael D’Antuono.

dogs in police uniforms beat teddy bear in grey t-shirt and green pantsTitle unknown, Banksy.