Rock the Vote

Asian teen with black hair, blue sparkling sunglasses and black polo with white collar, holding red, white and blue balloons and noisemaker

Hudson Yang, Danny Pudi and More TV Stars Ask AAPIs to #PowerUp The Vote

Six Asian-Americans¬†performers star in the funny new PSA from APIAVote and Rock the Vote.¬†

black guns assembled into shape of gun

#TruthToPower: Be Inspired by This Confrontational Art From Banksy, Shepard Fairey

Check out images from a pop-up exhibit mounted during the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia.

Panelists in front of black background with white text reading "TRUTH TO POWER"

Melissa Harris-Perry, Panelists Explore Economic and Racial Justice During DNC

Rosie Perez, Jelani Cobb and Gerry Hudson joined Harris-Perry for a panel hosted by Rock the Vote’s Truth to Power program.