Democratic National Convention

Ghazala Khan in blue hijab next to Khizr Khan in black suit with blue tie and white shirt

Muslim-American Women Clap Back at Trump's Islamophobic Rhetoric With #CanYouHearUsNow

The hashtag—a clarion call for Muslim women who are sick of the stereotype that says they have no voice—emerged after Donald Trump criticized Ghazala Khan’s silence during the Democratic National Convention last week.

Ghazala Khan in blue hijab next to Khizr Khan in black suit with blue tie and white shirt

Ghazala Khan on Trump: 'He Knows Nothing About True Sacrifice'

The Republican presidential nominee alluded to Khan’s silence during her husband’s moving speech about their son’s military sacrifice at the DNC as something dictated by Islam. She skillfully responded via The Washington Post.

rainbow/Mexican flag and sign reading "Dismantle ICE" in red text with white background

#DNCInPhilly Finale: An Anti-Uber Protest, a Rooftop Mural and Other Notable Actions from This Week

The Democratic National Convention provided activists from a wide range of causes with a huge, national platform. Here’s a quick roundup of some of the notable actions that we couldn’t cover in real time.

William Barber in Black clerical robes with blue background; Ghazala Khan in blue hijab and Khizr Khan in navy suit with blue and black background

ICYMI: William Barber, Khizr Khan Deliver Rousing DNC Speeches

The Christian theologian and the father of a killed Muslim-American solider uplifted their respective communities’ concerns during well-received speeches last night in Philadelphia.

White woman in white suit smiles and looks heavenward

Every Time Hillary Clinton Mentioned People of Color During Her DNC Speech

“So let’s put ourselves in the shoes of young Black and Latino men and women who face the effects of systemic racism and are made to feel like their lives are disposable.”

black guns assembled into shape of gun

#TruthToPower: Be Inspired by This Confrontational Art From Banksy, Shepard Fairey

Check out images from a pop-up exhibit mounted during the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia.

Panel participants in front of red-brown brick wall

Ruby Bridges, Melissa Harris-Perry Talk Faith and Social Justice at #DemsInPhilly Event

The school desegregation icon joined faith leaders for a wide-ranging discussion about racism, oppression, theology and social movements in Philadelphia today. 

Smiling Black man in black suit, white shirt and blue tie

9 Best One-Liners From President Obama's DNC Speech

At turns shady, funny and uplifting, Obama’s speech had something for everyone.

crowd with signs at Bernie Sanders action

#DemsInPhilly: Multiracial Crowd Celebrates Sanders Campaign at 'Black Men for Bernie' Action

The group lead an event honoring the underdog Democratic presidential candidate and the progressive ideas he promoted on the campaign trail.

Black man and woman cheer while holding signs in support of Hillary Clinton

#DemsInPhilly: Hillary Clinton's Official Nomination in 6 Tweets

From the roll call to the shattered ceiling, here is how it went down.

Nine black women stand in a line on a stage

Mothers of the Movement Say Hillary Clinton is Unafraid to #SayTheirNames

Nine women—the mothers of Sandra Bland, Trayvon Martin and more—took to the stage at the DNC to endorse the candidate they feel cares the most about Black lives.

Panelists in front of black background with white text reading "TRUTH TO POWER"

Melissa Harris-Perry, Panelists Explore Economic and Racial Justice During DNC

Rosie Perez, Jelani Cobb and Gerry Hudson joined Harris-Perry for a panel hosted by Rock the Vote’s Truth to Power program.

White and yellow lettering reads "Welcome to Philly."

Take a Video Tour of the Real Philly

A new video from AJ+ explores the issues that impact the people who will be left in Philadelphia after the Democratic National Convention comes to a close.

Black woman in blue dress stands in front of a microphone

From Michelle Obama to Bernie Sanders, Dems Kick Off Convention With Heavy Hitters

We break down the can’t-miss highlights of the speeches from the first day of the DNC.

Bernie Sanders supporters holding blue signs with white text

#DemsInPhilly: Bernie Sanders' Supporters Explain Why They're Standing by Their Man

Between the Vermont senator’s equality-espousing platform and the party’s apparent bias against him, these supporters say they have good reason to stick by a candidate who has already endorsed his opponent.

Activists around white-clothed Berta Cáceres puppet, wearing white shirts and waving yellow flags

Activists Demand Justice for Berta Cáceres, End to U.S.-Funded Violence in Honduras

Today’s action in Philadelphia marks the end of the It Takes Roots to Change the System People’s Caravan trip from the RNC to the DNC.

Woman with blonde hair wears black headphones and green top

UPDATE: Rawlings-Blake Will Gavel in DNC, Not Wasserman Schultz

Florida congressperson Debbie Wasserman Schultz was booed by delegates from her home state.

Woman in navy sits beside woman in black and orange in front of the choir stand at a church

Marcia Fudge Replaces DNC Chair as Dems Work to Unite

The Democratic party is on its third chair since Friday’s email leak. The FBI just announced that it will investigate the breach of the DNC’s email server.

 A protestor with the It Takes Root to Change the System People's Caravan prepares for the #WallOffTrump action outside the Republican National Convention on July 20, 2016.

This Multiracial 'People's Caravan' is Trekking from the RNC to the DNC to Condemn Election-Season Hate

More than 20 organizations are traveling together from the Republican National Convention to the Democratic National Convention to protest the racism, xenophobia and misogyny they’ve seen this year.

Smiling White woman with short blonde hair wears a textured white top; her arms are outspread in front of a crowd

Hillary Clinton is Democratic Party's Presumptive Nominee

Clinton: “Whether you supported me in this primary, or Senator Sanders, we all need to keep working toward that better, fairer, stronger America.”