Bryan Gerhart

Today's Love: South Asian Americans Share Impact of 9/11

Three thousand miles away from Ground Zero, the South Asian Network of Southern California opened a space for community dialogue and healing.

Headed Back to Class? We've Got Songs to Start the School Year Off Right

Whether you’re nostalgic for your playground days or worrying about how to pay back student loans, we’ve got a playlist that will help ease you into another school year.

Report: Bullying Stunts Academic Performance of Kids of Color

Now, advocates and parents search for answers.

Flo Kennedy Loved Activism, Justice -- And Wordplay

Flo Kennedy, the feminist, Civil Rights advocate, lawyer, and activist passed away more than 10 years ago, but time still hasn’t caught up to where she was when she left.

Beyond Music, Nick Ashford Impressed His Peers With Love

The celebrated musician passed away at the age of 69.

Feds Probe Los Angeles Sheriff Racial Profiling in White Suburbs

Antelope Valley deputies are accused of profiling and harassing public housing residents in an effort to chase away a growing black and Latino population.

Nivea Apologizes for Ad Telling Black Men to 'Re-civilize' Themselves

The company’s “Re-civilize yourself” campaign rightfully struck a chord.

Bollywood Legend Shammi Kapoor's Love for the Limelight Lives On

The pioneering actor passed away recently at age 79.

Herman Cain's Campaign Days Are Numbered

According to a former staffer, Cain’s presidential hopes might have been influenced more by the glory than the job description.

Black Journalists Scold BBC for 'Stunning Lack of Sensitivity' in London Riots

The scathing letter says the world’s largest news network should have a better analysis around race.

Hate Crimes Against Latinos Are on the Rise in California

But in tough economic times when scapegoating is too easy, what are lawmakers doing to stop it?

Filipina Grandma Reads 'Go The F*ck To Sleep'

Imagine your grandma read you the summer’s most profane children’s book. Yeah, we love it, too.

Arizona Border Fence Causes Flood and Self-Destructs--as Predicted

Environmental experts had warned Border Patrol that the fence would cause flooding and threaten local wildlife, among other things. Homeland Security ignored the experts on this issue, too.

Quick Retribution in London Threatens Due Process for Thousands

Prime Minister David Cameron has vowed to ignore “phony concerns about human rights.” The courts appear to be eagerly taking his cue.

Whole Foods Denies Caving to Right-Wing Pressure During Ramadan

The chain’s unprecedented campaign to mark Ramadan with a line of foods that meet Islamic dietary laws turned ugly when it appeared to back down in the face of anti-Muslim bloggers.

New York's Queer APIs Shower for Love

The Big Apple stands up for Hong Kong’s queer community.

Does Al Jazeera's American Debut Give Hope For Media Diversity?

“It’s very easy for people to get lulled into a false sense of ‘us vs. them,’ ” says Free Press’ Dave Saldana, “when it’s you and me talking about them and not you and me talking with them.”

Study: Undocumented Students' Jarring Transition to Workforce

As students lobby for the second half of the California DREAM Act, which would give undocumented residents access to financial aid, a new study shows how complicated achievement can be in the land of opportunity.

Latina Moms Show Love for Their LGBT Kids

Follow this series of three incredible woman who show the true power of acceptance.

Goodwin Liu's CA Supreme Court Nod Could Mean Big Win For Civil Rights

But that doesn’t mean the law professor’s appointment sits well with everyone. Even some progressives.