Bryan Gerhart

Leave It to the Kids to Tell Us What Love Really Means

One little girl says, “If you mean it, you should say it a lot. People forget.”

Top Arkansas Student Denied Sole Valedictorian Honors Because of Race

The student contends that the administration has long made it harder for black students to be recognized for their academic achievements.

From Attica to Pelican Bay: A Brief History of Prison Rebellions

With news that California’s prison hunger strike may have ended, we take a look back at seminal prison rebellions that have called for similar changes.

Rep. David Wu Resigns Amid Sex Scandal

Well, that was pretty fast.

Pelosi Calls For Ethics Probe Of Rep. David Wu in Sex Scandal

Though he made history as the first Chinese American to serve in the House of Representatives, the Portland-based lawmaker’s troubled past is coming to light.

Amy Winehouse Loved Music in the Face of Addiction

Whatever the cause, the 27-year-old singer’s death is a stark reminder of the hardships of addiction in the public eye.

SFPD Defense of Cop Shooting? Victim's Fatal Wound Was 'Self-Inflicted'

While community outrage continues to run high and video of the shooting spreads across the Web, residents want real police accountability.

Zanele Muholi Photographs Lesbian Love In South Africa

Despite having the first constitution in the world to outlaw discrimination based on sexual orientation, South Africa has a troubled history with the LGBT community.

35 Arrested Protesting Police Killing of 19-Year-Old in San Francisco

Residents and activists are speaking out against an increase in what they call “transit racism” and harassment by police.

Going to the Movies This Summer? Here's What's Wrong With 'Bad Teacher'

At a time when America’s public schools face severe institutional complications, Bad Teacher chuckles and points the finger at educators.

Leaked Memos Confirm Suspicions About Maxine Waters Ethics Probe

Those in the Representative’s camp say the new information proves the case to be a bungled partisan affair.

2011 Already Sets Record Of Anti-Abortion Laws

This year, just 19 states have enacted a total of 162 new laws relating to reproductive health. Unsurprisingly, 49 percent of these work to restrict access to abortion services

Down But Not Out Celebrates the Love Of America's Unemployed

WhileTumblr generally situates itself more on the side of silly than solemn, a new page is providing some heartbreaking yet inspiring material.

Thousands Rush for Low-Income Housing Vouchers in Dallas

For at least the second time in recent memory, chaos breaks out as families scramble to apply for affordable housing. It’s yet another sign of the country’s deteriorating safety net.

Chicago Schools Plow $51M Into Security for "Zero Tolerance" Rules

High schoolers are being suspended for minor infractions like taking out cell phones in class. And it’s costing the already budget-strapped district millions.

Sapphire Talks New Novel and Combatting the Cycle of Violence

The author’s new book focuses on the son of her debut character Precious, as he battles his own demons and fights to transcend his circumstances.

Protest Outside of Murdoch Home Calls For End to FOX News Race-Baiting

As anger over the News International scandal rises in the United States, activists call on lawmakers to do more than just wag their fingers.

Presidential Hopeful Herman Cain's 1996 Gospel Album Hits the Web

And believe it or not, the man can sing.

Who's Policing Miami Cops After 63 Unsolved Civilian Shootings?

Once again, Miami cops are living up to their brutal reputation.

Protesters Disrupt Train Service, Ridicule BART Rep

Commuters were held up during a protest against fatal shootings by BART police at Civic Center Station in San Francisco.