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REPORT: In Wisconsin, Black and Native People Hardest Hit by Probation, Parole

A new report from Columbia University Justice Lab reveals that Black and Native folks in the state are subject to “structural disadvantages that make adhering to the requirements of community corrections more difficult for people of color.”

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Milwaukee Ex-Cop Who Killed Sylville Smith Indicted

Dominique Heaggan-Brown could face up to 60 years in prison.

Trump Pushes Unfounded Claim That Millions of Undocumented Immigrants Illegally Voted for Clinton

Green Party presidential nominee Jill Stein and Democratic Party nominee Hillary Clinton are working on a recount in Wisconsin. Meanwhile, the president-elect just keeps tweeting.

Black man with orange prison outfit against brown background

Milwaukee Officer Who Killed Sylville Smith Fired for Sexual Assault Charges

The complaint against Dominique Heaggan-Brown came two days after he fatally shot Smith and sparked an uprising in Milwaukee.

Standing on the Republican National Convention stage, Donald Trump grimaces

Trump Says: I 'Reject Bigotry and Hatred'

The Republican presidential nominee posted his stance on crafting an America built on “common culture and values” on Facebook yesterday.

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Federal Court Strikes Down Wisconsin Voter ID Law

The ACLU argued that the law prevents poor people of color from voting.

Man Charged with Killing Hmong Couple and Puerto Rican Man Ruled Unfit for Trial

Following the ruling, the victims’ families and a coalition of Milwaukee-based advocacy organizations reiterated their call for hate crime charges.

Sanders and Cruz Win Wisconsin, Gain Momentum

The two underdogs scored decisive victories in yesterday’s primaries. Could they catch up with Clinton and Trump?

Multi-Racial Coalition Advocates for Hate Crime Charges in Triple Homicide

Dan Popp faces homicide charges in the March 6 deaths of Jesus Manso-Perez, Phia Vue and Mai Vue.

State Governors Defy President, Attempt to Forbid Syrian Refugees

Governors of Michigan, Texas, Alabama and other states seek to prevent Syrian refugee settlement following the Paris bombings. 

Wisconsin Activists Stage 'Black Out Wednesday' Walkout

The protest takes place one day after a Dane County prosecutor declined to charge the officer who killed Tony Robinson Jr.

No Charges for Madison Cop Who Killed 19-Year-Old Tony Robinson Jr.

The 19-year-old was killed by Madison police officer Matt Kenny on March 6.

Tony Robinson's Family, With Little Faith in State Probe, Wants Charges

A state investigation has been filed. Now it’s up to the local DA.

What Wisconsin's Outside Probes of Police Can and Can't Do

Wisconsin was the first state in the U.S. to pass a law requiring independent investigations into police shootings of civilians. Has it worked?

Racist Wisconsin Voter ID Law Banned For Life (or at Least Until the State Appeals)

Wisconsin becomes the fifth state where courts struck down voter ID laws.

When Police Kill, Should They Judge Themselves?

Wisc. first in the nation to say, no

WI Families Fight to End Police Investigation of Police Custody Deaths

“Please pass this bill,” one mother pleaded.

Univ. of Wisconsin to Hmong-American Studies Classes

The local Hmong community advocated for the position for years.

Wisconsin Judge Strikes Down Gov. Walker's Collective Bargaining Law

Wisconsin Circuit Judge Juan Colas judge has ruled that Governor Scott Kevin Walker collective bargaining reforms violate both the state and U.S. Constitution.

Not Senseless, Not Random: The Deadly Mix of Race, Guns & Madness

The horrific attack on a Sikh community in Wisconsin is but the latest sign that this nation’s xenophobia is a crisis.