Quite a Few Snags in Wisconsin Primary Despite 'No Problems' Reports

Wisconsin local news outlets are saying there were “no issues” with yesterday’s primary elections. That’s not what we heard.

Organized Confusion: Votes Killed, Destroyed, Stressed

Voter ID suppoters rely on tricky language. Missouri didn’t fall for it.

Judge Halts Wisconsin's Toughest-in-the-Nation Voter ID Law

One researcher found 220,000 people in the state don’t have the ID now necessary to vote. A judge has blocked the law pending a full trial, meaning it won’t be in play by the state primary next month.

Wisconsin Democrats to File 1 million Signatures for Governor Walker Recall

Walker’s decision revealed an important truth: Inequity starts with people of color, but it doesn’t stay there.

Wisconsin Special Elections Preview 2012's Voting Rights Showdown

Millions of black and Latino voters may be turned away from polls in states that have passed or are weighing strict new photo ID rules. Watchdogs say its the culmination of Republican’s decade-long effort to manufacture a voter fraud problem.

Wisconsin Set to Pass Country's Most Restrictive Voter ID Law

As more bills sweep across the country, concern is growing over the GOP’s push to fix a problem that, statistically, just doesn’t exist.

Labor Secretary Hilda Solis Recounts Sobering History in Defense of Unions

The Labor Secretary doesn’t shy away from calling out the anti-immigrant fervor of today’s anti-labor landscape.

Wisconsin GOP Strips Union Collective Bargaining -- Stay Informed

We’ve got pointers on how you can stay plugged into what’s happening in Madison.

Black Workers Central to National Union Battle

Public service workers are still standing up to union push backs.

Scenes from National Wisconsin Solidarity Rallies

From Sacramento to Raleigh, Salem to Atlanta, ordinary workers stand up for their rights.

Send Us Your Photos From Wisconsin Solidarity Rallies

Help us show the world there remains a progressive movement for economic justice in America.

Antoine Dodson Meme Shows Up in Wisconsin Protests

He’s back! And this time it’s in the name of worker’s rights.

Jesse Jackson to Wisconsin Protesters: "When We Fight, We Win"

Madison is looking more and more like the left’s moment of truth.

Showdown in Wisconsin: Round Up of Reporting on Union Fight

Thousands swarm the Capitol to fight back as new GOP Gov. Scott Walker tries to end collective bargaining for public workers.

Thousands Protest Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker's Anti-Union Attack

The newly-elected governor that progressives feared is making good on his promises to do away with worker’s rights.

Where Are the Obama Youth? Busy Building Their Own Futures

Jamilah King asks Milwaukee’s crucial young voters what brings them to the polls. The answer isn’t a charismatic candidate.

Watchdogs Flag GOP and Tea Party Voter Suppression Tactics

Illinois GOP targets Chicago’s black neighborhoods.