Arthur Ashe. Black and white photo of young Black man, wearing glasses and white top, holding up a trophy.

Richmond Boulevard Renamed to Honor Arthur Ashe

The tennis great is honored via a series of events in his hometown of Richmond, Virginia.

Kenan Thompson. Black man in navy suit with red and gray striped tie and white shirt holds finger in front of green wall and brown painting frame.

Watch 'SNL' Educate Virginia Politicians About Blackface

In 2019. Still.

Black boy with brown skin looks at camera while standing in front of high blue walls laced with barbed wire

WATCH: Video Takes Viewers Inside Only Remaining Juvenile Detention Facility in Virginia

Even the director of the Virginia Department of Juvenile Justice wants to close Bon Air Juvenile Correctional Center.

Black woman in green and grey baseball cap and green-brown campoflauge jacket and pants with multicolored patches holding black-and-white microphone in front of grey-lit background and scaffolding

This Supa Dupa Fly Petition Wants to Replace a Virginia Confederate Statue with Missy Elliott's Likeness

“She rose to become a platinum recording artist with over 30-million albums sold. All this without even once owning a slave.”

Brown girl in glasses and grey hijab and dark blue-and-white plaid shirt in front of white wall and dark grey furniture; Brown man in white sweatshirt in front of grey background

Darwin Martinez Torres Charged With Killing Nabra Hassanen

Fairfax County police have not yet ruled the killing as a hate crime. But the parents of the Muslim teen, who was killed shortly after leaving her northern Virginia mosque, say otherwise.

Blurry image of woman and man in car with police officer in navy uniform outside

This Video Explains Why Stopping Black Drivers to Give Them Ice Cream is a Bad Idea

Fusion’s Charles Pulliam-Moore: “Ultimately, those sorts of things, they’re about performing what a good cop looks like, not actually being a good cop.”

Virginia's Governor is Restoring Ex-Offenders' Voting Rights One by One

Terry McAuliffe: “The struggle for civil rights has always been a long and difficult one, but the fight goes on.”

Waples Mobile Home Community Soccer Field with green sign

Latino Immigrant Families File Discrimination Suit Against Mobile Home Company

Four families living in Fairfax County, Virginia’s Waples Mobile Home Park say that the park and its managment company mistreated them after discovering some family members’ undocumented status. 

Virginia Gov Restores Voting Rights to 200,000+ Formerly Incarcerated

Governor Terry McAuliffe: “If we are going to build a stronger and more equal Virginia, we must break down barriers to participation in civic life for people who return to society seeking a second chance.”

Mustafa and Aziza/Flickr

Virginia School District Receives Threats, Closes Following Arabic Calligraphy Lesson

After students were tasked with copying an Arabic statement in a high school World Geography class, parents threatened school officials.

George Takei Calls Out Virginia Mayor for Comments on Syrian Refugees

The acclaimed actor, who survived an internment camp for Japanese Americans during World War II, wrote an open letter to Roanoake mayor David Bowers. 

FBI Charges Two White Supremacists in Plot to Attack Black Churches, Synagogues

Authorities say the two men are adherents to an “extremist version of the Asatru faith.”

Nat Turner Was Executed 184 Years Ago, Today

The slave rebellion led by Nat Turner remains the best-known revolt of its kind in United States history. 

Maryland is Third State to Ban Confederate Flag from License Plates

Maryland joins Virginia and Texas in recalling license plates that feature the Confederate battle flag.

Virginia to Recall License Plates Featuring the Confederate Flag

A VIrginia judge ruled that the state does not have to allow an image of the Confederate flag on its specialty license plates.

Virginia Governor Says Ex-Offenders No Longer Have To Pay To Restore Voting Rights, Likens Old Policy to Poll Taxes

Ex-offenders in Virginia no longer have to pay court costs and fees before regaining right to vote, hold office or serve on a jury.

More Voting Rights Restoration Coming for Virginia

Anyone with drug felony convictions in Virginia will now be eligible for automatic voting rights restoration.

What Will Virginia's New Governor Do About Felony Disenfranchisement?

Virginia just dodged a bullet to voting rights by electing McAuliffe over Cuccinelli. But how far will the new governor actually go to restore felons’ ability to vote?

Winners and Voter Turnout for Election Day 2013

Turnout was low all around, but there were clear victories for progressive and moderate conservatives around the nation.

Five Things to Know About Virginia's High-Stakes Governor's Race

The winner of next month’s governor’s race in Virginia could be an indicator of the direction of conservative politics.