Today, Americans #RethinkColumbusDay

The hashtag #RethinkColumbusDay is trending today as Americans celebrate Indigenous Peoples’ Day and challenge Columbus’s genocidal legacy. Also, we’ve got two videos to help you combat Columbus Day in your own way. 

ICYMI: PSAs Counter Popular Narrative About Asian-American LGBTQ Youth And Parents

These PSAs feature API parents talking about their LGBTQ children in ways that counter popular narratives about the AAPI community. 

Watch Traffic Cop Mentoria Hutchinson Dance in the Streets

The 61-year-old NYPD traffic cop has been directing cars with her dance moves for 33 years.

Katherine Dunham Museum Faces Closure Over Unpaid Bills

The museum is staffed by volunteers but must come up with $500 by Thursday.

Indiana Man Apologizes for Viral 'Why I'd Hate to Be Asian' Video

Samuel Hendrickson is sorry.

The Indiana student sparked widespread outrage this week when he posted a video listing all the reasons he wouldn’t want to be Asian.

“Most Asians look alike,” Hendrickson says in the video. “I don’t want to look like everyone else.” The video also includes dumb remarks like “If I was an Asian man, chances are I’d probably be with an Asian woman and guess what? I don’t find Asian women attractive. Kill me.”

Hendrickson also lists not wanting to get “double chink eye” while smoking weed.

Ice T's 'The Art of Rap' Documentary Gets a Release Date

The film is set to hit theaters nationwide on June 15th.

'Caine's Arcade' Video Raises Over 135K for Boy's College Fund

Sometimes the real world takes notice.

Trayvon's Mom on Zimmerman Shooting: 'I Believe it was an Accident'

When the host asked what she would tell Zimmerman if she came face to face with him, Fulton said she thought a person should apologize if they are remorseful. Then she said she believed it was an accident and things got out of control.

Lawyer Says Zimmerman Can't Go To 7-11 Safely. The 7-11 Where Trayvon Bought Skittles? [Video]

George Zimmerman’s new attorney Mark O’Mara just said he can’t imagine what it’s like to hated like his client and not be able to do things like go to 7-11.

Deportation Video Wins White House Contest, But Disappears

The Initiative on Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders office received over 200 submissions and narrowed it down to 11 videos the public could vote on. But the video with the most votes was ignored in the end.

Caine's Arcade Is the Happiest Place in East L.A. Right Now [Video]

9-year-old Caine Monroy, who built an elaborate cardboard arcade inside his dad’s used auto parts store.

Watch Senior in Nursing Home React to Listening to Music From His Era

“Alive Inside” tells a story of hope and beauty in a place where they are hard to find. Directed by Michael Rossato-Bennett, the film looks at the power music has to “awaken” the minds of seniors with Alzheimer’s and dementia living in nursing homes that have been considered closed.

8-Year-Old Filipino Girl Covers Adele's 'Someone Like You' [Video]

Fitri Cerado is an 8-year-old Filipino girl with a great voice.

Meet Sweet Brown, the New Black Internet Meme That's Going Viral [Video]

“There is nothing the Internets loves more than making a Black person appearing to be a complete fool.”

Rick Santorum Suspends Presidential Campaign, Leaves Behind A Bunch of Racist Gaffes

The former Pennsylvania Senator leaves behind a few (some of them racist?) gems for us to go down memory lane with.

Romney Escapes Green Bay Man's Questions About Mormonism and Race [Video]

The first question for GOP presidential hopeful Mitt Romney at a town hall meeting in Green Bay, Wisc. on April 2nd came from a man who wanted to quote the Book of Mormon.

BYU: Same Sex Crushy Feelings Are Okay, Just Don't Act On Them

A collective of LGBT students at Brigham Young University, the nation’s largest religious university owned by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, have created a video that speaks to other LGBT mormon youth.

George Zimmerman's Lawyer Cites 'Shaken Baby Syndrome' in Trayvon Martin Shooting

Hal Uhrig, a lawyer and former Gainesville, Florida, police officer who is representing George Zimmerman made an appearance on CBS’s “This Morning” last week and shared a glimpse of their defense.

Invisible Children Release Kony 2012 Update With 'More Details and Context'

The organization released an update today which is said to offer more details and context about the conflicts in Uganda.

Burger King Apologizes for Mary J. Blige Chicken Ad

Burger King has apologized for releasing an ad featuring Mary J. Blige singing about Crispy Chicken Snack Wraps.