Black man in dark shit sits on couch with teen daughter as they work on a black laptop

Q&A: Meet the Formerly Incarcerated Dad Who Created an App to Connect Families

Colorlines talks to Antoine Patton about Photo Patch, the app he created with his daughter after teaching himself to code behind bars.

Black women and men in multi-colored clothing play on green turf and ping-pong table surrounded by blue couch and red brick walls

Peek Inside Howard University's New Google Satellite Campus [PHOTOS]

The Howard West facility makes it easy for the HBCU’s computer science students to work with Google staffers in Mountain View, California.

Broken computer

STUDY: Machines Are Just as Racist as Humans

But researchers say artificially intelligent machines can be fixed.

iPhones with Facebook, Twitter and Instagram icons on them

REPORT: Social Media Giants Helped Police Track Ferguson, Baltimore Protests

The ACLU says that Facebook, Instagram and Twitter all provided user data to Geofeedia, a company whose social media montoring product was marketed to and used by law enforcement agencies to follow protestors.

Science Experts Of Color Discuss STEM's Implicit Racial Bias in Candid Reddit AMA

Black scholars answered Redditors’ questions about how structural racism impacts people of color working in the hard sciences.

Unidos App logo with orange circle and white text, white background

New App Shoots to Mobilize Latino Millenials Ahead of General Election

Unidos offers users voter registration information and a bilingual news feed featuring stories relevant to young Latino voters.

New Innovation Center Will Support Black and Latina Women in Tech

“We’re fundamentally changing the discussion about tech and diversity,” digitalundivided founder Kathryn Finney said when she announced the new center at South by Southwest this weekend.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg to Employees: Black Lives Matter

The Facebook CEO admonished employees for crossing out “Black Lives Matter” on the signature wall at the company’s headquarters.

Nas: Technology is the 'New Thing for Hustlers in the Hood'

The Queensbridge rapper and tech investor says Silicon Valley needs more people of color to make and own products.

Report: Google Still Struggles With Diversity

A new Google report reveals that the tech giant’s staff is primarily made up of white and Asian men.

Two Start-up Founders Talk Diversity in Tech

The STEM needs more industry leaders of color.

Kansas City Has Warp-Speed Internet, and 20th Century Digital Divide

Seventy percent of Kansas City public-school students do not have Internet access at home.

Investigating the Dearth of Black Males Among Science and Math Ph.Ds

Getting to the root of a longstanding problem.

Black and Latino Engineering Graduation Rates Don't Match up With Tech Industry Hiring

Where are the black and Latino tech graduates going?

New Platform Aims to Show That Life Hacking Isn't Just for White Men

But it needs your help to get off the ground.

Study: AP Computer Science Test-takers Overwhelmingly Male, White

Cultural perceptions about who’s best at tech–and access to the elite public education–are primary factors.

Undocumented Living? There's an App for That

Ten Droid apps that may prove especially helpful if you’re undocumented.

Tristan Walker's Plans to Increase Diversity in Silicon Valley

The former head of business development at FourSquare now has his sights set on increasing diversity in the tech sector.

A Tech Innovation in Red Hook's Housing Projects

Thanks in part to a community wireless network, low-income residents in Brooklyn are creating new forms of networking in the digital age.

More Evidence New York's Tech Industry is Dominated by White Men

Out of a list of the ‘Silicon Alley 100,’ a scant few are people of color or women.