Black Girls Code Founder Kimberly Bryant Gets White House Nod

The San Francisco-based founder of the STEM initiative got one of 11 White House Champions for Change in Tech Inclusion awards today.

It's Bigger Than Adria Richards

A primer for how you can prepare yourself for racist and sexist Internet attacks–mind, body and soul.

Labor Attorneys Say Adria Richards' Firing Will Be Hard to Defend

Adria Richards, the developer evangelist who was fired after tweeting an image of two men she heard making sexist jokes, may have a strong case if she decides to take her former employer to court.

12 SXSW Panels, Films and Concerts That Deserve Your Attention

South by Southwest, the mega-conference for tech, film and music geeks, starts today. multimedia editor and pop culture blogger Jorge Rivas shares his top picks.

Tim Cook Values 'Diversity With a Capital D,' But Execs Are White Males

It’s time Apple starts to think different and consider equity too.

Gmail's 57th Supported Language is Cherokee, Its First Native American Tribal Language

Cherokee has become the first Native American language fully integrated into Gmail.

Is Apple's New iPad Mini Video the First to Include More Than White Guys?

The representation of people of color in product launch videos is more than just about diversity at Apple. It’s about equity.

Why Consumers of Color Should Care About T-Mobile's MetroPCS Merger

Get ready for another wild ride in the telecom industry.

Are Black and Latino Teens Getting Paid to Wait in Line for iPhone 5's?

Waiting in line for iPhone 5, some are just doing their jobs.

Should Young Black Women Strive to Be Steve Jobs--or to Do Better? [Reader Forum] readers discuss an exciting program that’s giving young black women the tech skills that nobody else will, and how few truly positive tech-sector role models these kids have.

Can a Black Girl Be the Next Steve Jobs?

A new Oakland-based non-profit thinks so. And it’s breaking down the “brogrammer” stereotype, one website at a time.

The Racial Reality That Makes Online 'Security' Bills So Scary

Two experts weigh in on why new cybersecurity bill CISPA puts so many people, especially those of color, on edge.

Activists Worry That Mobile Phones Could Do More Harm Than Good

As telecom companies maneuver to get the spectrum necessary to deliver faster service, activists worry that their privacy is being jeopardized.

T-Mobile's Back in the News -- This Time Trying to Stop a Merger

Consider this the latest in what will likely be a series of back-and-forth battles as mobile companies duke it out to build the infrastructure mobile data users need.

Why Microsoft's So-Called 'Avoid Ghetto' App Is Really American

Microsoft’s controversial new mapping technology would direct users away from supposedly violent neighborhoods. But it is based on faulty assumptions about violent crime that are a rooted in a long history of racist ideas about black communities.

There's An App for That: Figure Out How Many 'Slaves' Work for You

There’s often a heavy price to pay for your favorite gadgets. And that’s long before they hit store shelves.

Twitter Rages as NY Announces No Evacuation Plan for Rikers

Major publications avoided the biggest story in New York’s battle against Hurricane Irene. Twitter played a critical row in bringing the news to the masses.

Apple Rejects 'Smuggle Truck' Game About Immigrant Deaths

Back in January, we reported on the game Smuggle Truck, a game by Boston-based developers Owlchemy Labs. In Smuggle Truck, the player races an old pickup truck through a desert, attempting to cross the border without letting too many immigrants bounce out of the back.

Blacks and Latinos Using Twitter to Sound Off, Organize [SXSW VIDEO]

While the digital divide is very real and affects low income and folks of color in negative ways, that doesn’t mean these groups aren’t engaging with emerging social media platforms like Twitter.