Black man in purple, gold and green shirt and green hat next to Black man in black t-shirt next to Black woman in black t-shirt next to Black woman in red, white and black jacket behind Black table in front of White wall

New Orleans Bounce Artists, Documentarians 'Bring That Beat' to SxSW

Panelists talked about the dance music genre’s history and prominent artists at South by Southwest.

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How 'Neurospeculative AfroFeminism' Uses Virtual Reality to Explore Otherworldly Transformation at a Black Hair Salon

Colorlines sat down with designers from Hyphen-Labs, a multidisciplinary creative collective led by women of color, to discuss the inspiration behind the immersive experience they showcased at South by Southwest.

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These Researchers Are Studying How Videos of Police Violence Impact Black Millennials

South by Southwest dispatch: Wake Forest University researchers presented their in-progress research about how 18-to-24-year-old African Americans handle the emotional toll of seeing police violence online.

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Dontre Hamilton's Family Fights for Justice in 'The Blood is at the Doorstep'

The new documentary follows the Hamilton family’s demands for accountability after a White Milwaukee police officer killed Dontre in 2014. Family members joined director Erik Ljung for a Q&A after the film’s second South by Southwest screening.

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Trans Health Panel Breaks Down Why Trans Workers of Color Are a Necessity

Diana Feliz Oliva and her colleagues from the Transgender Health Project at Los Angeles’ St. John’s Well Child and Family Center addressed health and care disparities affecting trans people of color during their South by Southwest panel.

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SxSW #YoutubeSoBrown Panel Tackles Show Business, Empowerment

The session is one of many tackling race, representation and opportunity in entertainment at this year’s South by Southwest festival.

Black-and-white photo of Black, Brown and White people holding banners during a march

This Instagram Account Chronicles the History of Austin's Black and Brown Community

ATX Barrio Archive’s Alan Garcia: “I’m trying to bridge that gap between what is normally available to people in privileged positions and trying to bring it back to the barrios where I believe it belongs.”

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After Artist Backlash, South by Southwest Removes Deportation Clause from Future Contracts

The arts and media festival faced pressure from artists and activists demanding that it strike contractual language that threatens to refer artists to immigration officials.

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South by Southwest Deportation Clause Sparks Artist Backlash

Musician Felix Walworth brought attention to a long-standing clause that suggests festival-sanctioned international artists who play unauthorized shows risk possible referral to immigration authorities. 

Everything President Obama Said About the Digital Divide During His SxSW Keynote

“It’s not enough just to focus on what’s the cool next thing. Part of what we have to do is to figure out how do we use and harness the cool next thing to make sure that everybody in this country has opportunity.”

Trooper Reprimanded After Taking Photo With Snoop Dogg

Snoop did, in fact, shoot the deputy.

Snoop Dogg Developing Series About the Effects of Reaganomics

Broadus broadens his creative horizons.

Google Backs Opps for Latino and Black Entrepreneurs in 3 Cities

Tech entrepreneurs in Chicago, Austin and Durham, N.C., will catch a huge break

Cesar Chavez Biopic Wins SXSW Audience Prize

Is this a sign of things to come? Maybe.

Andre 3000's Jimi Hendrix Biopic to Premiere at SXSW

If you’re not already excited about the film, check out this interview.

A Tribe Called Red Brings Dubstep Powwows to SXSW

Ottawa based Native Producer/DJ crew A Tribe Called Red will play South by Southwest on Friday and Saturday nights.

Las Cafeteras Bring Activism and (Good!) Music to SXSW [VIDEO]

Their mission is to learn, share, and practice the beauty, culture and energy of Son Jarocho music for the purpose of building autonomous communities.

SXSW: Who's Making Money From Their YouTube? Not Black People

YouTube was celebrated as the great equalizer for marginalized groups in the media but the video sharing platform is not that much different than old media.

12 SXSW Panels, Films and Concerts That Deserve Your Attention

South by Southwest, the mega-conference for tech, film and music geeks, starts today. multimedia editor and pop culture blogger Jorge Rivas shares his top picks.

SXSW 2012 Highlights: Music, Films, and Talks To Remember

Jorge Rivas brings you a few highlights from SXSW.