'Homeless Hotspots' Miss Point on Dignity, Says Head of Street Newspaper Network

The Director of the International Network of Street Papers says the advertising agency behind the homeless hotspot campaign missed the mark on dignity and self-respect.

After 20 Years SXSW Finally Gets First Official Latino Event

Throughout the history of South by Southwest Latinos have organized unofficial “meet ups” to convene but after twenty years Latinos finally got an official event at SXSW.

Univision News Interview: Jorge Rivas on Latinos and Social Media at SXSW blogger Jorge Rivas talks Latinos and social media in interview with Univision News at the First Official SXSW Latino event.

Campaign Uses Homeless Katrina Survivor as Wi-Fi Hotspot at SXSW

Meet Clarence. He’s homeless and selling wi-fi outside of the bigguest internet innovation conference but doesn’t have access to the internet himself. & Meetup in Austin for SXSW [Photos] and host meet and greet in Austin!

At SXSW, An Honest Look at a Latina Transgender Bar in Transition

Wu Tsang’s “Wildness” tells the story of one of Los Angeles’s most iconic bars and how its longtime transgender Latina patrons navigate loss, pride, and gentrification.

SXSW: Will You Be in Austin? Connect with

Will you be in Austin next week?

From Bussing to Rodney King, L.A.'s Race Politics Created Fishbone

A new documentary brings the afro-punk band’s politics and personalities to life. Mischa Geracoulis spoke with the filmmakers at South by Southwest.

SXSW 2011: Smartest Race Thinkers, Best Bands, Tweets to Watch

Whether you’re headed out to Austin or keep track on Twitter, we’ve rounded up the musicians and techies to keep an eye on.

Blacks and Latinos Using Twitter to Sound Off, Organize [SXSW VIDEO]

While the digital divide is very real and affects low income and folks of color in negative ways, that doesn’t mean these groups aren’t engaging with emerging social media platforms like Twitter.