Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program

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Trump Administration Seeks to Strip 3.1 Million People of Food Security

The quest to prevent lower-income earning people from accessing food stamps via the Supplemental Nutritional Assistance Program continues.

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Studies Show the Dangers of Proposed Changes to Food Stamps

The Trump administration wants to impose stricter work requirements on recipients while cutting billions from SNAP.

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Trump Administration Ignores How Laws Are Made to Deny People Food Stamps

The USDA proposed rule changes could affect more than half a million people.

White House plan would bar citizenship to legal immigrants who have use public benefits.

Trump Plan Would Bar Citizenship for Millions of Immigrants

A proposal being drafted by White House would deny citizenship to immigrants who have used public benefits, including child health care and Obamacare.

Wide angle shot of colorful produce stocked in a grocery store.

Trump Administration Wants to Replace SNAP Benefits With Boxes of Canned Goods

The proposed 2019 budget would cut the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program by $213 billion over the next 10 years.

For Missouri Moms, A Past Drug Conviction Means No Food Aid, Ever

New state-level effort looks at changing that

Farm Bill Passes Congress with More Food Stamp Cuts

Pres. Obama is expected to sign the bill.

Millionaires Club in Congress Presides Over Additional Food Stamp Cuts

$9 billion in cuts expected to hit up to a million people in 15 states

"Food Stamp" Art On Display at Art Basel-Miami

You’ll never guess how much it’s selling for.

Congressman's Cocaine Bust Illuminates Race and Gender Sentencing Disparities

Rep. Radel gets slapped on writs for coke possession. Black and Latino men and women don’t get off so easy.

Mapping Cuts to Food Stamps

Stateline’s interactive map gives a state-by-state breakdown of the 47 million people effected by the November 1 cuts to SNAP.

Automatic Cuts to Food Stamps Coming This Week

A scheduled $5 billion will be cut from federal SNAP benefits starting November 1.

Majority of Front-Line Fast-Food Workers Need Public Assistance

A new study shows 52 percent of front-line fast-food employees need public assistance to make ends meet.

Republican States Cut 'Food Stamps' As Feds Promise Not To

Republican state lawmakers are looking to do the job that their Beltway comrades won’t be able to: Cut foot stamps from every angle.

Putting a Human Face on Food Stamps

If they become law, the House’s $40 billion in food stamp cuts could have grave consequences for some of the most vulnerable populations in the U.S.

House Votes to Cut $40 Billion in Funding For Food Stamps

The bill approved yesterday by the Republican-controlled House of Representatives would cut $4 billion annually for 10 years and includes strict new employment standards.

Farm Bill Passes House Without a Dollar for SNAP Food Assistance

African American Rep. Corrine Brown teared up as she scolded Republican lawmakers for extracting food stamps from the farm bill, telling them “This is not a game.”

How Far Could You Stretch A Food Stamp Budget? [Reader Forum]

Colorlines readers advise Mayor Cory Booker how to eat on a food stamp budget.

Cory Booker Feeling 'Hunger Pains' Because He's Under-Eating

Booker started the food stamps challenge on Tuesday and by Wednesday he was already having what he called “hunger pains.”

Cory Booker's First Day on Food Stamps: Can't Afford Coffee and Long Periods Without Food

For the next seven days, and at a time when Congress is considering $16 billion in cuts to the federal program, Booker will put himself in the same position as 850,000 other New Jerseyans who receive food stamps each month.