Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program

Cory Booker Plans to Live Off Food Stamps for One Week

Booker’s decision came by way of a challenge after Twitter user “Twitwit” told him that “nutrition is not a responsibility of the government.”

Without Electricity, New Yorkers on Food Stamps Can't Pay for Food

New Yorkers with electronic benefit cards (EBT) go hungry because they can’t swipe their cards at shops with no electricity.

Food Stamp Bashing, Race, and the Bi-Partisan Attack on the Safety-Net

The GOP is winning the rhetorical war on poverty because Obama’s afraid to talk about race. And the results could be disastrous for millions of families.

The Scary, Familiar Way Romney Would Shrink the Food Stamp Rolls

Mitt Romney again used the 47 million Americans on food stamps a line of attack in last night’s debate. But his plan for fixing that is to simply let those families starve.

Food Stamps, Poor-Shaming and the Very Scary 2012 Farm Bill

Why we can’t afford to have moralistic debates about the choices desperate parents make as they try to feed their families.

Tea Partier Rep. Joe Walsh, (R-Ill) Says Democrats Got Blacks 'Dependent Upon Government'

Illinois Tea Party Rep. Joe Walsh has an ongoing list of racist remarks against everyone who isn’t white.

Gingrich Surges With Old, Familiar Ploy: Racist Attacks on Poor People

Newt Gingrich has for decades been the GOP standard bearer in using racial caricatures to demonize poor people. Food stamps were spared for a time, leaving them the last functioning part of the economic safety net. No longer.

Gingrich Still Thinks Obama is 'Food Stamps President'

At Sunday’s Fox News/Wall Street Journal debate, Newt Gingrich got a standing ovation from the audience after he challenged moderator Juan Williams by saying he stood by his racially loaded statements about the president and “really poor children in really poor neighborhoods.”

The White House's Flawed Attempt to Crack Down on Food Stamp 'Fraud'

As the economic downturn continues, poor families of color are often forced to make tough choices. And it’s because they have little recourse.

Another Dismal Record: 50 Million Went Hungry in 2009

Food stamps helped significantly, but Congress is busy cutting funding for them.

As Washington Returns, It's Back to Jobs vs. the Deficit

Obama hopes the tax debate will paint a bright line between Republicans and Democrats this month.

Congress Leaves Kids Hungry in Order to Feed Them

It’s been a summer of false choices in Washington–pitting one vital need for struggling families against another.

Congress Votes For School Funding, Cuts Food Stamps

Working families gear up for a fight.

House Democrats Vow to Restore Food Stamp Funding

How they’ll make good on that promise is anybody’s guess.

Senate Chops Last Lifeline For Struggling Families

Food stamps are all that’s left for many, but they too are sacrificed to the deficit demons.

Selling Food Stamps for Kids' Shoes

Unable to find jobs, kicked off welfare, women in Connecticut are forced to sell food assistance to buy basic necessities.