Super Bowl

Rihanna. black woman in grey snakeskin dress and black tattoo on collarbone smiles in front of dark navy wall with grey text

Rihanna Says No to the Super Bowl

The singer reportedly declined to perform at the halftime show in solidarity with blacklisted NFL player and activist Colin Kaepernick.

Ciara. Black woman in white outfit performs on stage with blue lights

10 Atlantans Who Should Have Been Asked to Perform at the Super Bowl

The National Football League skipped tons of local Black talent to hire Maroon 5.

Black men in green football uniforms with white numerals walk under black sky with green light beams

Eagles Reader: Five Must-Read Articles on the Philly Team and Racial Justice

As Philadelphia prepares to celebrate the “wokest team” in the NFL’s Super Bowl win, here’s what you should be reading right now.

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Dodge Faces Backlash for Using Anti-Capitalist Martin Luther King Jr. Sermon in Super Bowl Ad

The truck commercial uses part of King’s “The Drum Major Instinct” sermon—conveniently omitting the part where he denounces advertising as part of an oppressive economic system.

White men and women in green and and black and white and grey clothing stand over grey and yellow traffic pole on grey sidewalk in front of grey buildings and black night sky

Black Lives Matter Activist Calls Out 'White Privilege' of Post-Super Bowl Property Damage

Hawk Newsome: ”You can riot if you’re White and your team wins, but if you’re Black and being killed, you can’t speak out.”

Black woman in black performance outfit in front of blue-lit stage and musicians

Fans Demand #JusticeForJanet After Justin Timberlake's New Super Bowl Halftime Gig

“White privilege is at an all time high,” tweeted one Twitter user. Many others agreed.

Split screen of two faces with word "accept" across them in white letters

How the Super Bowl Became a Battle for America's Soul

The subtle—and not-so subtle—roles race, xenophobia and Islamophobia played in Super Bowl LI.

Tony Dungy in beige suit next to brown metal bust of his head

Tony Dungy Honors Trailblazing Black Football Coaches at Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony

Dungy, the first Black head coach to win a Super Bowl, recognized predecessors during the ceremony at the Pro Football Hall of Fame in Canton, Ohio.

Joy Alert! Cam Newton Makes Kids' Dreams Come True in New Nickelodeon Show

“All In with Cam Newton” debuts on June 3. 

3-Person Anti-Beyoncé Protest Dwarfed by Nearby Counterprotest

One of the anti-Beyoncé protesters didn’t even see the singer’s performance. 

WATCH: Trailer for 'The Black Panthers' Doc Ahead of Tonight's PBS Premiere

“The Black Panthers: Vanguard of the Revolution” airs tonight on PBS at 9 p.m. EST

Cam Newton Criticized For Walking Out of Post-Super Bowl Press Conference

Add the outrage at Newton’s despondency to the pile of bulls**t that a White player would never have to handle. 

ICYMI: 'SNL's 'Ebony and Ivory' Spoof Perfectly Captures the Double Standard Facing Cam Newton

For a show with its own diversity and racism issues, this was a pretty solid sketch.  

10 Reasons to Watch the Super Bowl This Sunday

Hint: Most of them involve Cam Newton being dope. 

Coldplay and Beyoncé's 'Hymn for the Weekend' Video is More Orientalist Than Appropriative [OP-ED]

The video—which dropped just in time for this weekend’s Super Bowl halftime show collabo—has sparked controversy.

Cam Newton: 'I’m an African-American Quarterback That May Scare a Lot of People'

The Carolina Panthers quarterback dropped hard truths during a recent interview. 

Missy Elliot Explains Why She Cried After Super Bowl Show

It was a moment of redemption for the performer.

Marshawn Lynch: 'You All Shove Cameras and Microphones Down My Throat'

Lynch turns the table on the media’s obsession with him.

Marshawn Lynch's Quiet Riot

The Seattle Seahawks running back is famous for refusing to cooperate with the predominantly white NFL press corps. His refusal to play ball with reporters has earned him a bad rep that he doesn’t quite deserve. Here, we present four things to love about the enigmatic star.

Watch Kenan Thompson in Hilarious Spoof of 'Deflategate' on SNL

It’s Super Bowl week, but this story isn’t going away.