Gucci Sikh. Middle aged Sikh man wearing blue turban, gray beard.

Gucci Under Fire for Appropriating Sikh Culture

The company is still selling inappropriate designs.

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ICE Stops Force-Feeding Immigrant Hunger Strikers Held in El Paso Detention Center

A total of 12 men have been refusing to eat to protest the conditions, treatment and length of their detainment. 

black barbed wire against an overcast sky

Detained Asylum-Seekers Say Government Violated Their Religious Freedom

Dozens of asylum-seekers held at a federal prison in Sheridan, Oregon, say authorities are denying them time and space to freely practice their faith.

ICYMI: Army Says Turbans, Hijabs and Dreadlocks OK

After facing challenges from soldiers, the Army just revised its religious accommodation policy.

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#AfterSeptember11 Returns With Candid Stories of Fear, Islamophobia

The hashtag emerged as a response to 9/11 tributes that some feel dismiss the years of Islamophobia-induced violence and paranoia that impact Muslims, South Asians, Arabs and Sikhs.

Man Who Vandalized Sikh Place of Worship Ordered to Serve Members

Buena Park Gurdwara Singh Sabha: “We [are] deeply invested in educating him and the surrounding community. This, we firmly believe, is the key to combating hate in America.”

Sikh-American Military Officer Secures Right to Wear Turban and Beard

Captain Simratpal Singh is reportedly the first Sikh to successfully gain religious accommodation from the U.S. Army while on full-time active duty.

The Latest in a 10-Year Battle Over How California Teaches South Asian History

For more than 10 years, conservative Hindu groups have been trying to make controversial changes to history textbooks in California. Opponents—who say their changes erase the caste system and certain South Asian identities—just won an important victory.

Sikh-American Soldiers Sue DOD for Religious Freedom

It’s the second Sikh-backed lawsuit against the military this year.

Sikh Fashion Designer Prevented from Boarding Flight to New York Fashion Week

Waris Ahluwalia was the first Sikh male model featured in a national Gap ad. 

Arish Singh on Interrupting Trump: 'You Don’t Have to be a Muslim to Stand Against Anti-Muslim Bigotry'

The Sikh writer and comedian interrupted a Trump rally in Iowa last weekend.

Donald Trump Admonishes Turban-Wearing Protestor at Iowa Rally

“He wasn’t wearing one of those hats, was he?”

#BeLikeDarsh Fights Hate, Celebrates Sikh Basketball Pioneer

Darsh Singh was the first turban-wearing basketball player in the NCAA. After people used his image to create racist memes, #BeLikeDarsh sprung up to promote his legacy. 

New Author Deepa Iyer Talks Post-9/11 Backlash and How ISIS' Paris Attack Will Impact Brown Folks Here

In her first book, civil rights activist and attorney Deepa Iyer chronicles the experiences of U.S. Arabs, Muslims, Sikhs and South Asians after 9/11 and weighs in on how the ISIS massacre in Paris will reverberate in this country.

Hate Crime Charge Added In Case Of Assault Against Sikh Man

The Sikh Coalition issued a statement and held a rally addressing the hate crime charge added to the existing charges against the teen who attacked and wounded a Sikh man in the Chicago metropolitan area last week. 

FBI Responds to Colorlines Twitterchat

Colorlines held a Twitterchat last week about the FBI’s new policy of tracking hate crimes against Arab-Americans, Hindus and Sikhs. Here’s a Storify plus some answers from the FBI.

FBI to Track Hate Crimes Against Sikh, Hindu and Arab-Americans

Activists say better reporting will also help with prevention.

Watch Captain Sikh America in 'Red, White and Beard'

In this 11-minute short film viewers get a longer look at at Singh’s work.

Sikh Cartoonist Stars in Facebook Video, Racists Go Wild

The man known to many as Captain Sikh America is caught in the middle of a hate storm.

Report: South Asian Americans Still Under Attack 13 Years After 9/11

But there’s hope.