School Resource Officer

Black police car reads "NYPD School Safety"

WATCH: White House Tackles Disproportionate Suspension Rates for Girls of Color

The White House Council on Women and Girls also collaborated with other agencies and organizations to create a toolkit to teach administrators trauma-informed approaches to handling discipline and sexual assault.

Black police car reads "NYPD School Safety"

Federal Government to Educators, Law Enforcement: Cops Are in Schools for Safety, Not Discipline

Can the Justice and Education Departments’ new guidance help local and state officials effectively—and safely—employ school resource officers?

ICYMI: No Charges for #AssaultAtSpringValley Cop

Solicitor Dan Johnson: “While I do not believe that the actions of Benjamin Fields in this incident rise to the level of criminal conduct, the manner in which he performed his duties on Oct. 26, 2015, is of great concern to me not only as a prosecutor, but also as a citizen of this community.”

STUDY: Nation's Largest Public Schools Have More Police Than Counselors

A new report found that three of America’s largest school districts invest more in policing students than in helping them.

VIDEO: School Resource Officer Slams 84-Pound Teen, Charged With Felony Child Abuse

The student’s mother: “He came in with such a hostile manner, like he was ready for war.”

What You Need to Know About the #AssaultAtSpringValley Sheriff's Press Conference

From Sheriff Lott’s claim that Fields has “been dating an African-American female for quite some time now” to his condemnation of the state’s “disturbing schools” law, here are the key takeaways from his press conference.