Dallas skyline with blue sky in background

Member of Dallas-Based Black Gun Ownership Advocacy Group Says 'City Has Failed'

Yafeuh Balogun, a member of the Huey P. Newton Gun Club, criticized Dallas officials for incubating the environment of injustice in which Micha Xavier Johnson allegedly shot and killed five police officers.

A woman wearing a blue head scarf lights a candle on a long makeshift memorial alter that is dotted with rainbow flags

What You Need to Know About the Orlando Massacre, the Latinx LGBTQ Community and Islamophobia

From Coalición Unida to the Justice Department to the Muslim Alliance for Sexual and Gender Diversity, here is the conversation surrounding the mass murder of members of the Latinx LGBTQ community.

A woman in a green tank top beckons a man in a paint-stained white t-shirt.

This Racist Ad Will Take Your Breath Away

Just. Wow.

READ: Yaba Blay on Lil' Kim, Racism and Self Love

The author of “(1)ne Drop: Shifting the Lens on Race” writes about why it hurts to see Lil’ Kim’s “lighter, Whiter” skin and why it is a living, breathing indictment of racism.

WATCH: Portland Students Break Down the Concept of 'Whiteness'

The video responds to critics of Portland Community College’s “Whiteness History Month.”

Michael Sam Spills How He's Been Treated By LGBTQ and Black Communities

It’s probably not how you think.

Microsoft Chatbot's Racist Tirade Proves That Twitter is Basically Trash

The automated bot was created to tweet like an American teenage girl. Yesterday, she lost her (artificial) mind.

READ: Ta-Nehisi Coates on Why the Nina Simone Biopic Debate is More Than Skin Deep

“But there is something deeply shameful—and hurtful—in the fact that even today a young Nina Simone would have a hard time being cast in her own biopic. In this sense, the creation of ‘Nina’ is not a neutral act. It is part of the problem.”

Donald Trump's Father Was Arrested at a Ku Klux Klan Riot. Really.

Is that why Trump didn’t initially condemn the Klan endorsement?

Federal Lawsuit Alleges Employee Discrimination at B&H Photo & Electronics

The U.S. Department of Labor filed a lawsuit against the New York City-based retailer for discriminating against employees.

Jussie Smollett, Eva Longoria and More Spill the Hard Truths About Discrimination

Several Hollywood performers and creators who aren’t straight White men tell all in a new piece from The New York Times.

ICYMI: Writer Tweets Racist Letter She Received About Cam Newton

“The biggest curse we have in this country is ni**ers.”

'Fresh Off the Boat' Star Hudson Yang on Asian Americans on Television: 'We're Making Our Mark'

The 12-year-old actor spoke to Hyphen Magazine about Asian-American representation in television. 

This Video Asks: 'What Would the World Look Like Without Black People?'

“If people loved Black people as much as they love Black culture, everything would be fine.”

Cam Newton Criticized For Walking Out of Post-Super Bowl Press Conference

Add the outrage at Newton’s despondency to the pile of bulls**t that a White player would never have to handle. 

ICYMI: 'SNL's 'Ebony and Ivory' Spoof Perfectly Captures the Double Standard Facing Cam Newton

For a show with its own diversity and racism issues, this was a pretty solid sketch.  

University of Chicago Fraternity Members' E-mails Tainted With Islamophobic, Anti-Black 'Jokes'

Members of UChicago’s Alpha Epsilon Pi chapter described a Muslim student as a “terrorist” and proposed a “Marathon Luther King Jr.” day-drinking celebration. 

New Video Asks 'Can You See White Privilege?'

The project, called “White Privilege Glasses,” comes from a Chicago-based seminary.

POLL: Nation Split on How Universities Should Address Racism

After a season of student protests, Americans split along racial and political lines regarding the best remedy.

How #WhitesAgainstTrump United the Nation During the GOP Debate

White America took up W. Kamau Bell’s challenge to “come get your boy.” It was glorious.