ICYMI: That Time Antonin Scalia Suggested That 'Slower-Track Schools' Work Better for Blacks

The Supreme Court heard a retread of the landmark affirmative action case Fisher v. University of Texas at Austin yesterday. The whole court’s view is still unclear, but folks are really not happy with Justice Scalia’s take on it.

Brown University Pledges $100 Million to Address Campus Racism

The money will be used to implement president Christina H. Paxson’s new diversity and inclusion plan.

This is How Larry Wilmore Does Race on ‘The Nightly Show’

Wilmore on covering race: “I may as well be the one covering this sort of thing and be honest about it, be direct about it and let the chips fall where they may.”

WATCH: Ms. Lauryn Hill, Angela Davis, Others Featured In Black-Palestinian Solidarity Video

A charged new video features prominent artists, intellectuals and activists standing for solidarity between black and Palestinian struggles against oppression. 

Hundreds Of UCLA Students Protest 'Kanye Western' Fraternity Party

Nearly 200 students chanted “Black Bruins Matter” during a protest Thursday afternoon over a “Kanye Western” fraternity party where attendees were alleged to have donned blackface. 

Tennessee-Based Ad Firm Tries to Make 'Blue Lives Matter' A Thing

Tactical Magic put up their first billboard capitalizing on “Black Lives Matter” in Memphis. Now, the billboards have spread around the country. 

Crowdfunding Campaign Asks White People to Pay for Therapy to Combat Impact of Racism

The campaign cites research that shows the impact racism has on the health of people of color.

ICYMI: Leslie Jones Helms Three Best Bits From 'Saturday Night Live' Season Opener

Hint: None of them focused on Miley Cyrus.

Fundraiser Friday: 'An American Nightmare' Documentary Series Will Explore American Racism's Roots

The organizations behind this documentary series are crowdfunding via Kickstarter to tell the story of black labor and activism in the face of historical racism. 

Julian Casablancas Releases Unedited Interview with Dev Hynes, Apologizes for White People

After outspoken black British indie icon Dev Hynes criticized Oyster Magazine for editing the race-focused parts of an interview between him and The Strokes frontman Julian Casablancas, the latter published the interview in full on his website. 

#TBT: On this Day in 1983, Vanessa Willams Became The First Black Miss America

Mere days after Vanessa Williams received an offical apology for having her Miss America title stripped from her, we mark the 32nd anniversary of her becoming the first black woman to receive that title. 

Twins? NYPD Used Photo of Australian Designer for James Blake Arrest, Not Alleged Identity Thief

New evidence presented by journalist Shaun King adds to the increasingly controversial portrait of tennis star James Blake’s treatment at the hands of the NYPD.

Dev Hynes Speaks Out Against 'Oyster Magazine' Censorship

The outspoken musician is alleging discrimination against Oyster Magazine, who he says cut a conversation piece between him and fellow musician Julian Casablancas of serious content regarding racism.

Cab Driver Ordered to Pay $25,000 for Refusing to Serve Black Family

A judge found that a NYC driver discriminated against a black family when he refused to pick them up—then stopped for two white women just feet away.

'The I'm Tired Project' Tackles Stereotypes and Privilege Via Photos

Art has the power to illuminate dark corners and show people the uncomfortable truths hidden in them. A new project from Paula Akpan and Harriet Evans aims to do just that. Described on the project’s Tumblr as “A project aiming to highlight the significance and lasting impact of everyday micro-aggressions and stereotypes,” “The ‘I’m Tired’ Project” features images of women and men with the stereotypes they are tired of carrying literally written on their weary backs.

#QueridaKellyOsbourne: 10 Tweets That We Hope She Saw

Did we include yours? 

Jar Jar Binks Actor Talks Vitriol Toward His 'Star Wars' Character

Ahmed Best, the man behind the infamous “Star Wars: The Phantom Menace” character Jar Jar Binks, talked with Vice about his reviled character and upcoming series “2 Black Dudes.” 

Haudenosaunee Passport Rejected for Women’s Lacrosse Team

The Haudenosaunee, or Iroquois, first introduced lacrosse to white settlers on Turtle Island hundreds of years ago. 

Five Cats That #Trump for Racial Justice

# TrumpYourCat may be the best thing that’s ever happened to the Instagram.

Facebook Post From Former Supporter Renouncing Confederate Flag Shared Nearly 75,000 Times

“The more I researched about the history of the flag, the worse I felt. What I had been told about its history was wrong,” he said.