Police Brutality

Walter Scott's Family: Without Bystander Video, Charges Unlikely

“They would have swept it under the rug, like they did with many others.”

Death of 14-Year-Old Latino Killed by Chicago Police Kill Labeled 'Suicide'

Chicago’s civilian-led oversight commission still lists Rios’s death as ‘non-fatal.’

New Haven Police Chief Personally Apologizes to Teen

Teandrea Cornelius, 15, was slammed to the ground by a cop.

Guess Who's Editing the Wiki Pages of Police Brutality Victims. The NYPD

Computer IP addresses trace back to police headquarters.

The Long Reach of Police Torture: From Chicago to Guantánamo

One detective’s extensive torture beat

Alabama Cop Fired After Video Slamming Indian Grandfather to the Ground

Madison officer Eric Parker also faces assault charges.

Indian Grandfather Nearly Paralyzed After Police Encounter in Alabama

The officer involved has been placed on administrative leave.

Clergy Stage a Die-in at Congressional Cafeteria for Black Lives Matter

Participants disrupted a busy lunch hour at the nation’s Capitol.

Hundreds of Los Angeles Lawyers Die-In for Black Lives

They weathered December rain on the superior courthouse steps.

LIVE: Watch Protesters Shut Down the Oakland Police Department

Demonstrators have chained themselves to the entrance of the station.

Do Body Cameras Actually Reduce Police Brutality Complaints?

Not if officers control the on/off switch, Fusion reports.

More Than 80 #ThisStopsToday Actions Planned Nationwide for Thursday

Actions are taking place in 29 states plus the District of Columbia. Here’s where to find them.

White Phoenix PD Officer Shoots and Kills Unarmed Black Man

Rumain Brisbon was killed by an unnamed officer Tuesday evening.

What Obama Says He'll Do About Police Brutality

The president’s plan leaves activists with questions and doubts.

What Does it Feel Like to be a Black Mother During Ferguson?

Mikki Kendall can tell you.

Killed by the Cops [INFOGRAPHIC]

Black men are disproportionally killed by police. Can law enforcement be held accountable in a justice system that’s set up to support their actions?

DOJ Releases Holder Video Statement Ahead of Wilson Indictment Decision

One area district closes schools next week ahead of an anticipated decision.

75 Planned Actions for Darren Wilson Grand Jury Decision

And the list is growing.

$75 Million Suit Being Filed by Eric Garner's Family

Medical examiner ruled Garner’s death a homicide

In Sunset Park, Brooklyn, Demands for Police Accountability

The mostly Latino and Chinese neighborhood is the latest site of protests against police brutality.