Police Brutality

Free After 3 Years: Chicago's Jon Burge Who Tortured 100 Black Men

Burge, 66, will be released to a halfway house in Tampa, Florida.

Everything You Need to Know About Michael Brown's Juvie Record

It’s all in this open lette.r

Oklahoma Cop Held on Rape Charges Also Accused of Wrongful Death

Holtzclaw is accused of hogtying a black man ‘with malicious intent.’

Hours After Brown's Killing, Police in Ferguson Let K-9 Urinate on Memorial Site

‘The day brought other indignities for Brown’s family, and the community.’

Eyewitness Video of Kajieme Powell Shooting Contradicts Police Story

Officers showed up with their guns already drawn–which is inconsistent with the police chief’s statement

Ramarley Graham's Parents Drop Off Petition, Rally For Federal Investigation

The petition has more than 33,000 signatures

Another Night in Ferguson: Arrests, Pepper Spray and Gun Aimed Right to the Chest

47 people were arrested for failure to disperse on Tuesday night

Ferguson Officer Darren Wilson Fled Town 'Days Ago'

Whose safety is the police department protecting?

Officer Darren Wilson to Young Woman: 'Shut the F Up, Sit the F Down'

An unnamed young woman describes a troubling incident with an officer she says she’ll never forget

Ferguson Names Shooter But is Still Doing it Wrong

Despite releasing officer Darren Wilson’s name, the focus is still on the wrong suspect

Michael Brown's Shooter: Darren Wilson

Ferguson’s police chief finally makes the shooter’s name public

9 Things about Ferguson that Will Make You Go Hmmm

Killing, militarizing, intimidating and arresting its way into infamy

Will Missouri Governor Pull St. Louis PD Out of Ferguson?

It took the governor five days to finally arrive to his state’s–and the country’s–biggest story.

Watch Journalists Get Arrested in Ferguson McDonald's

Wesley Lowery and Ryan Reilly were both eventually released without charge.

New Witness, New Video in Michael Brown Shooting

‘The cop just continues to walk up on him and shoot him until he goes all the way down.’

Police Dispatch Tapes From Michael Brown's Shooting

Police call for crowd control support from neighboring precincts–but not for an ambulance for Brown.

10 Tweets: Munitions in Ferguson

The militarized streets of Ferguson are littered with tear gas canisters and rubber bullets.

Will Demanding Justice for Mike Brown Land You a Visit from the FBI?

‘Justice isn’t here right now.’

No Fly Zone Lifted in Ferguson

Flights have presumably resumed.

Ferguson Police Won't Release Name of Officer that Killed Michael Brown

The department is citing safety reasons.