Occupy Wall Street

Black men and woman in black coats and shirts in front of police officers in navy baseball caps and jackets with dark-lit brown trees in background

Records Show NYPD Deployed Video Surveillance Teams to Hundreds of Black Lives Matter, Occupy Actions

The Verge reports that NYPD camera crews monitored protests against police violence and economic inequality from 2011 to 2013 and again in 2016.

Neither Hillary Nor Bernie Won the Democratic Presidential Debate. We Did.

From the DREAMers to Black Lives Matter, our modern social movements for racial, economic and climate justice are shaping American presidential politics in previously unheard-of ways.  

One Year Later, Occupy Wall Street's Rallying Cry Still Resonates

One-year on from its beginning, progressives owe Occupy Wall Street a debt of gratitude. But there’s plenty of work left to do.

Indy Rapper Brother Ali's #Occupation in Black Minneapolis

Brother Ali hasn’t always seen his work as political commentary. But ahead of his third studio album and a new political consciousness, all of that has changed when he got arrested while occupying a foreclosed home.

What Fires Young Progressives' Activism? A New Study Asks Them

In one of the first studies involving Occupy participants, the Applied Research Center gathered young activists from multiple movements in focus groups to ask, What propels you to the political frontline?

How is Occupy Los Angeles Working With Communities of Color? [Reader Forum]

Colorlines.com readers talk about how immigrant rights groups and Occupy Los Angeles came together on May Day.

Where's the Color in the Occupy Movement? Wherever We Put It

On a day when the world celebrates the rights of everyday workers, we sat down with activists of color to talk about Occupy Wall Street.

How Are Racial Justice Activists Making Occupy Work For Everyone? [Video]

As spring comes, the world prepares for the Occupy movement to once again fill the headlines. Colorlines.com talks with Occupy Wall Street organizers who have sought to keep race in the movement’s conversation.

Year of the Dragon is Year of the 99%: Mamas & Kids Tell Banks, 'Timeout! You better share!'

In the New Year, the Colorful Mamas of the 99% demand that our corporations, our laws, and our government put people before profit.

2012 Rose Parade Ends with 5,000 Occupy Protesters

An estimated 5,000 Occupy Los Angeles demonstrators marched down the parade route.

Occupy Our Homes' Day of Action Sees Progress in Oakland, Seattle

Several banks came to the negotiating table with home occupiers in West Oakland, Seattle and San Jose, according to protesters.

Occupy Oakland's Pancho Stierle Released Pending Deportation Hearing

Meanwhile, he’s criticized the city for closing schools and spending millions to fight Occupy protesters.

Peaceful Occupy Oakland Protester Faces Deportation

Francisco “Pancho” Ramos Stierle was arrested on Monday while meditating outside of Oakland’s City Hall.

5 Occuprint Posters Tell the Tale of Global Solidarity for 99 Percent

From Brooklyn to Indonesia, artists have have helped articulate a deeply personal political narrative.

More Anger Toward Jean Quan After Night of Violence at Occupy Oakland

The city’s first Asian-American mayor is being roundly criticized by protesters and police officers alike for her wavering stance.

Occupy Oakland Plans for General Strike, Occupation of Foreclosed Homes

Occupy Oakland organizers hope to make history again by shutting down the city: the last general strike in the U.S. was in Oakland in 1946.

Forget Diversity, It's About "Occupying" Racial Inequity

The Occupy movement is clearly unifying, and centralizing racial equity will help to sustain that unity. This won’t happen accidentally or automatically. It’ll take more of the difficult work that’s already underway in several local movements.

The Police Raid on Occupy Oakland Was Nothing New for This City

This week’s chaos was the latest in at least two years of violent responses to public protest–and a long string of violence against suspects in black neighborhoods.

Occupy Oakland Faces a Troubled Police Dept.--and Historic Mayor

Oakland’s first Asian-American mayor, Jean Quan, has authorized violent police raids on the Occupy Oakland encampment. For many protestors of color, the move raised questions about the face–and complexion–of the power they’re fighting.

Riot Police Raid Occupy Oakland, Arrest 85

The occupation had been one of the largest 99 percent protests in the country.