Occupy Wall Street

(Un)occupy Albuquerque Connects Corporate Greed to Fight for Native Land

For New Mexico’s indigenous people, ‘Occupy’ means 500 years of forced occupation of their lands, according to activists.

Occupying, Organizing and the Movements That Demand Both

It’s unlikely that anyone knows how to predict when “movement moments” will strike. But the question is how we make the most of them when they come, because you never know how close you are to freedom.

Occupy Wall Street Protests Go Global While Focus Stays on the Poor

President Obama chimed in and Brooklyn activists used song to stop foreclosures as this weekend’s Occupy protests continued around the globe.

Occupy San Francisco Takes on Wells Fargo Headquarters

Protesters vow to “foreclose the banks.”

Which Occupy Movements Are Doing Right by Race? [Reader Forum]

One commenter says Occupy L.A. has built a stronger movement by being intentional about race. Any other examples from the ground?

A History of Georgia's 1%: Why You Must Face Race to Occupy Atlanta

When Occupiers decided civil rights icon John Lewis was no exception to their process of ordering speakers, critics said it revealed the movement’s blind spots on race. Kung Li explains how race defines the very space protestors occupy.

Sherri Shepherd to Herman Cain on The View: 'People Fall on Hard Times'

The View’s Sherri Shepherd says Herman Cain needs to show some compassion.

5 of the Dumbest Things Said About the Occupy Wall Street Movement

It was a given that conservative pundits would fear-monger around the Occupy Wall Street Movement. But we’ve rounded up their most outlandish insults.

How is Occupy Wall Street Including Folks of Color? [Reader Forum]

As the OWS movement evolves, some of those hit hardest by Wall Street’s bad behavior are categorically unable to lend their voices to the protests. Readers chime in on how to include everyone.

Herman Cain Calls Occupy Wall Street 'Un-American'

Republican presidential candidate continues to criticize Occupy Wall Street protesters.

Protesters Occupy Washington, D.C.

It’s unclear how long the Occupy D.C. protesters will be hunkered down in downtown parks, but it’s possible they’ll continue to pick up steam the same way Occupy Wall Street has.

Are Lawmakers Listening? The Consumer Watchdog Vote Will Tell

There’s a quite specific way our representatives can show if they’re listening to the growing movement: get the consumer watchdog fully up and running. And there will be many, many fights to follow.

Making Room for Racial Justice in the People Power Exploding Around Us

Bringing our movements together is key to re-conceiving the American Dream.

1,000 Demonstrators Sit-in at Boston Bank of America Building

Twenty-four people were arrested Friday for a sit-in demonstrations at a Boston Bank of America building.