Obama on Power, Volkswagen Becomes Biggest Carmaker, 'I Am Cait' Premiere

Some of Tuesday’s big stories

Obama on Bill Cosby Scandal: America 'Should Have No Tolerance For Rape'

The president weighed in on the conversation about Bill Cosby, admonishing rape while also saying he cannot revoke the comedian’s Presidential Medal of Honor. 

Lester Holt Says Newsroom Diversity Matters in New Interview

The new “NBC Nightly News” anchor talked staff diversity, Obama’s use of the n-word, and his own racial background in first public interview.

Obama Proclaims 'We’re Not Cured' of Racism on Podcast

Listen to the POTUS‘ appearance on comedian Marc Maron’s acclaimed podcast, WTF, featuring the former’s first public use of the n-word. 

Here’s Everything Obama Said About Baltimore

The president breaks his silence on the topic with six major points

Jim Bourg/Getty

Obama Expected to Address Baltimore

Here’s how to watch

ICE Raid Apprehends Hundreds of Immigrants With Misdemeanors

Misdemeanor records account for nearly half of the people caught in a weeklong raid.

Obama: My Administration Will Fight Texas Ruling

As a potential Department of Homeland Security shutdown looms.

Bill O'Reilly's 'War Reporting' Questioned, Apple Car, How the Brain Heals

Some of the morning’s headlines

The Executive Action Learning Curve

The Obama administration will begin accepting applications for the president’s enhanced deportation relief program next week. Undocumented immigrants are gearing up for the time-consuming, expensive process.

The Spanish Language Version of the SOTU is Unbelievably Bad

¿Sí se puede? More like ¡No Se Puede!

What Obama Says He'll Do About Police Brutality

The president’s plan leaves activists with questions and doubts.

Goodbye, Secure Communities. Hello, Priority Enforcement Program

S-Comm has long been blasted as reaching too far. Will PEP-Comm be better?

Who Will Lose Under Obama's Executive Action?

“We have at least 5 million reasons to keep working,” says one activist.

Obama Introduces Deferred Action for Parents, or DAP

Parents of U.S. citizen children or legal permanent resident children are eligible.

Here's How DACA Will Be Expanded Under Obama

The program’s expansion will take 90 days to implement.

How to Watch President Obama's Immigration Announcement

CBS, NBC, ABC and Fox won’t be airing it

Obama Order May Give DACA Parents Some Relief

Insiders say the president will make a primetime announcement on Thursday

Five Things You Need to Know About Obama's Immigration Plan

Will it mean another government shutdown?

DHS Sued to Stop Deportations

The suit seeks to expand deferred action for more immigrants