Daveed Diggs with black dreadlocks and beard in navy moving company uniform next to Rafael Casal with brown hair in navy moving company uniform in front of brown building

Daveed Diggs and Rafael Casal Break Down Their Film 'Blindspotting'

The creators and stars of the new movie, which follows two friends after one sees a police officer kill a Black man, talk to Colorlines about the film’s development and themes.

Black man with black hair and facial hair dances in white dashiki with purple and green art in front of blue and pink sky and city skyline with brown and blue buildings

Watch This Artist Celebrate Oakland Through Dance

Frankie Lee Peterson III channels Oakland’s Black artistic heritage while dancing around the city.

Black man in yellow beanie and green camouflage jacket sits next to Black woman in pink headscarf and

Bay Area Gentrification, Global Warming and Community Justice Collide in the Hilarious New Trailer for 'The North Pole'

The web comedy series, featuring cameos from Bay Area mainstays such as former Black Panther leader Ericka Huggins and comedian W. Kamau Bell, hits YouTube on September 7.The new trailer will get you ready. 

Angela Davis (center, with Afro and black-striped shirt) at a 1982 carnival in Grenada,

EXCLUSIVE: This 'The House on Coco Road' Clip Explores How the War on Drugs Devastated Black Oakland

Damani Baker’s Array-distributed film about his family’s journey from Oakland to Grenada in 1983 comes to Netflix on June 30.

Person in White polar bear costume next to Brown woman in white shirt with black sweater and blue jeans next to White man in blue shirt with grey cap and grey pants, all on grey couch against green grass

Oaklanders Fight Gentrification and Global Warming in 'The North Pole' Web Series

The creators took to Kickstarter to crowdfund the comedy, which features cameos from Ericka Huggins, W. Kamau Bell and Boots Riley.

Pablo Blazquez Dominguez/Getty

The Biggest Environmental Justice Wins of 2016

It was the year three California counties banned fracking, a tribe beat big oil and more.

White man wearing glasses with camera

STUDY: Police Body Cameras in Danger of Being Used as 'Instruments of Injustice'

The Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights examined body-worn camera policies in 50 municipalities. It was not impressed.

Oakland Program Boosts Academic Performance for Students of Color, Looks to Expand

Seneca Family of Agencies’ “Unconditional Education” model improved kids math, reading, attendance and discipline.

Emissions spew out of a large stack at the coal-fired Morgantown Generating Station June 29, 2015, in Newburg, Maryland.

Oakland Halts Coal Shipping Plan, Pitting Jobs Against Health

City Council cited climate change and the health of its marginalized communities as reasons for keeping coal out of its new export plant. 

Black man wearing boxers and gold chains stands in spotlight on a dark stage

Celebrate Tupac's Birthday With This 'All Eyez on Me' Trailer

The MC would have turned 45 today.

RECAP: From #ReclaimMLK to #MLKNow, a Day of Action, Service and Remembrance

On the 30th anniversary of the first national celebration of MLK Day, activists and celebs take to the streets and the stage to strengthen Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s legacy.

The Most Important Thing We Can Do to Help Formerly Incarcerated People Thrive

Advocacy group Root & Rebound helps the formerly incarcerated navigate the legal barriers to creating a successful life outside prison walls.

Oakland to End Suspensions for 'Willful Defiance'

The category was a catchall for behaviors which black students were disproportionately punished for.

She Fights Child Sex Trafficking With Film

Nineteen-year-old activist Rebecca Darmapalan is raising funds to turn her short documentary about child sex trafficking into a feature film.

Oakland's Answer to Hipster Fixies: Scraper Bikes

Take a look at some more homegrown Oakland culture.

Watch How a 25-Year-Old Helped Revive Oakland's Turf Dancing

Here’s a look at the form’s rich legacy.

Oakland, Stand Up! Love to Marshawn Lynch

He doesn’t care about the spectacle of football, and we love him for it.

Marshawn Lynch's Quiet Riot

The Seattle Seahawks running back is famous for refusing to cooperate with the predominantly white NFL press corps. His refusal to play ball with reporters has earned him a bad rep that he doesn’t quite deserve. Here, we present four things to love about the enigmatic star.

Livestream: Protestors Hang Huge 'Black Power Matters' Banner in Oakland

It’s part of a weekend of national protests to “reclaim King’s legacy.”

In Oakland, School Program Focuses on Black Boys' Success

A new report evaluates a class and mentoring program just for black boys in Oakland.