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Demonstrators have chained themselves to the entrance of the station.

BART Cop Involved in Oscar Grant's Shooting Won't Get His Job Back

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Futbolistas 4 Life Follows Youth Bringing a Soccer Field to Oakland's Fruitvale

Youth turn to soccer, and a campaign to transform their school playground into a soccer field, as a refuge from deadly gun violence in their community.

In Gentrified Oakland, Private Security Takes Hold

Some of Oakland’s new residents are using crowdfunding campaigns to hire private security patrols–but not all neighbors support the move.

Cycling for Change

With branches in Atlanta, Chicago, New York City and Oakland, the bike collective Red, Black and Green is making cycling cool for black folks.

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Ryan Coogler, Oscar Grant, and the Basic Humanity of Black Men

Perhaps the director’s biggest achievement in his debut film “Fruitvale Station” is his deliberate attempt to make Oscar Grant less of a martyr.

'Fruitvale Station,' a Landmark

A new feature film on Oscar Grant’s killing takes its name from a landmark in a community that’s lived through, and fought back against, too much police violence.

3 Random Things You Probably Didn't Know About 'Fruitvale Station' Director Ryan Coogler

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Oscar Grant Film 'Fruitvale' Now Has a July Release Date

“Fruitvale,” the film based on the 2009 shooting of Oscar Grant, is set to hit theaters on July 26–three months before its originally scheduled release date.

What's in Store for Oakland With 'Supercop' William Bratton on the Beat?

The city is struggling with violent crime and police scandal. But is Bratton’s reputation for cleaning up both things earned, or just saber-rattling and good PR.