National Hispanic Media Coalition

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Advocacy Organizations Are Cautiously Optimistic About Facebook's Civil Rights Audit

The new independent review of discriminatory practices against communities of color is considered a necessary first step.  

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Netflix Answers Activists' Call to Renew 'One Day at a Time'

Fans will be able to watch a third season of the series, which focuses on a Cuban-American family.

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Advocates Push Netflix to Renew Latinx Family Sitcom 'One Day at a Time' “We have the potential to shape public opinion on Latinxs and immigrants with shows like ‘One Day at a Time’!”

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Latinx Advocacy Group Threatens to Boycott Hollywood Studios

National Hispanic Media Coalition president Alex Nogales: “The primary culprits in the exclusion of American Latinos are the film executives.”

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Advocacy Groups Say Academy, Entertainment Industry Need to Do Better

Color of Change and The National Hispanic Media Coalition are calling for more Black and Latinx representation and recognition in the entertainment industry.

The Hispanic Heritage Month of Action Campaign Seeks to Register Millions of Latino Voters

The Hispanic Heritage Month of Action seeks to encourage voter registration and citizenship.