Publisher Launches Muslim-Focused Children's Book Imprint

Simon & Schuster bills Salaam Reads as the first major U.S. publishing imprint to center Muslim characters and stories.

New Author Deepa Iyer Talks Post-9/11 Backlash and How ISIS' Paris Attack Will Impact Brown Folks Here

In her first book, civil rights activist and attorney Deepa Iyer chronicles the experiences of U.S. Arabs, Muslims, Sikhs and South Asians after 9/11 and weighs in on how the ISIS massacre in Paris will reverberate in this country.

#DoIMatterNow Campaign Promotes Indigenous-Muslim Solidarity in Canada

The campaign was launched to promote solidarity between indigenous and Muslim women in Canada—two groups at the brunt end of just-defeated Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s most controversial policies—in response to the PM’s rhetoric and policies against wearing veils.

This Man Set Fire to a Houston Mosque. Islamic Leaders Forgave Him

‘Our Lord is one that forgives’

Supreme Court Hears Muslim Woman's Challenge to Abercrombie & Fitch

The company denied then-17-year-old Samantha Elauf a job because of her headscarf.

FBI Opens Inquiry Into Chapel Hill Shootings

The latest developments in the UNC-Chapel Hill shooting deaths of three Muslim students.

Chapel Hill Police Say Killing of Muslim Students Due to 'Parking Dispute'

Meanwhile, some are calling for a state and federal investigation into whether anti-Muslim bias was the real motive.

Your Cheeky Muslim Valentine's Day Cards Are Here

“I’d let you creep sharia all over my body.”

Facing Race Spotlight: Palestinian-American Activist Linda Sarsour

Ahead of Facing Race, the civil rights activist discusses multi-racial solidarity and the overlap between the criminalization of black, Arab and Muslim communities.

NY Renames Street for Muslim EMT and Cadet who Died on 9/11

Salman Hamdani Way is in Bayside, Queens.

Complaint: Boomers! Parks Discriminate Against Muslims and Sikhs

The company won’t allow Muslims and Sikhs with head coverings to ride certain rides, but refuses to make accommodations, civil rights groups allege.

This is Where Surveillance Happens

A new project takes a different look at the NYPD’s controversial Muslim surveillance program.

NYPD Disbands Muslim-Spying Unit

Does this mean the end of post-9/11 dragnet tactics?

Sikh Professor Attacked in Potential Hate Crime

Dr. Prabhjot Singh heard the words ‘Osama’ and ‘terrorist’ shortly before being attacked by a group of young men on Saturday night.

Listen to a U.S. Citizen's Story of Being Detained By Immigration Enforcement

WNYC reporter Sarah Abdurrahman is detained at the border along with multiple family members, and is now filing an official complaint

Wisconsin Sikhs Commemorate First Anniversary of Oak Creek Shooting

Hundreds of supporters came together today to remember the victims of last year’s mass shooting at a Sikh temple.

Muslim New Yorkers and Civil Rights Group File Suit To Stop NYPD Spying

Two years after the Associated Press revealed that NYPD had built a sprawling program to spy on Muslim New Yorkers, some of it’s targets have joined with civil liberties groups to sue the city.

Seven Surprising Facts About Asian-American and Middle Eastern Boys

A new report from Asian Americans/Pacific Islanders in Philanthropy takes a rare look at an often overlooked subgroup of young people.

5 Facts You Should Know About Bay Area Muslims

A brand new report takes a look at one of the nation’s largest concentrations of Muslims.

NYPD Has Changed 'Nothing' About Muslim Spying Program

New York Police Commissioner Ray Kelly says that the city has changed nothing about it’s controversial program to spy in Muslims communities.