AP Stylebook Revises Definition of 'Islamist'

Last Thursday the AP moved to disassociate the term “Islamist” from its negative connotations with “Islamic fighters, militants, extremists or radicals, who may or may not be Islamists.”

Report: NYPD Spy Program Traumatized Muslim Communities

A new report documents the human impact of the NYPD’s sprawling Muslim surveillance program. Though there’s no evidence that the spying stopped acts of terrorism, the report found that it has stoked fear and mistrust in schools, neighborhoods–and mosques.

Terrorism Suspect Pleads in Yet Another NYPD Case Riddled With Questions

The city’s ongoing use of informants to create terror plots it can then prosecute raised concerns of even the FBI in Ahmed Ferhani’s case.

Study Finds Negative Portrayals of Muslims Get More Media Attention

Since 9/11, negative messages about Muslims have received more media attention than positive ones, new research finds.

Negin Farsad on Drive-By Hate, Real Questions and Muslim Mainstreaming

The writer, director and stand-up comedian talks to about making her film “The Muslims Are Coming.” Join Farsad and Colorlines at Facing Race 2012 in Baltimore.

'What Does 'Jihad' Mean?' A Handy Guide for Your Questions About Islam

Someone send a copy to Pamela Geller.

Michigan Students Fight Florida Pastor's Anti-Muslim Attacks

They’re fighting hate with love. And winning.

Newsweek Muslim Rage Cover Inspires Parodies

Humor–the smart way to handle blatant ignorance.