Maxine Waters

Six Black Men and Women stand next to each other on stage laughing after winning award, TVOne signage behind them.

Beyonce, 'Black-ish' and 'Black Panther' Take Home Top Prizes at NAACP Image Awards

Here’s who won big at this year’s show.

Black woman with brown hair in black dress smiles in front of grey background; Black woman in black and blue blouse smiles in front of light blue background

Maxine Waters Will Address Nation During 'Angela Rye's State of the Union' Special

The member of Congress will fact check President Donald Trump’s State of the Union address before Rye leads a panel on Black political strategy with several elected officials and activists.

Black woman with blonde hair and beige dress in front of yellow sunlight and blue sky

Solange, Maxine Waters and Women's March Organizers Honored as Glamour's 'Women of the Year'

Here are five must-read passages from Glamour’s annual celebration of women’s accomplishments.

Black woman in gold dress stands behind black microphone and in front of red and black background while holding golden statue

WATCH: Issa Rae, Maxine Waters, Solange Pay Tribute to Greatness of Black Women at 'Black Girls Rock!'

These must-see speeches from BET’s awards show celebrated Black women in all their brilliance, resilience and complexity.

Black woman in white suit in front of black and red screen with white text

BET to Honor Excellence at 'Black Girls Rock!' Ceremony

Taraji P. Henson hosts the annual awards and concert special, whose 2017 honorees include Issa Rae and Maxine Waters.

U.S. President Donald Trump and Attorney General Jeff Sessions

Activists, Law Enforcement Condemn Trump's Call for Police Violence

Representative Maxine Waters: “Freddie Gray’s family probably wants to know if officers will protect Trump’s head when he is thrown into the back of a paddy wagon.”

Rep. Maxine Waters Officially Cleared of All Ethics Charges

The House Ethics Committee on Tuesday officially cleared Rep. Maxine Waters of all ethics charges after nearly three years of investigating the California Democrat.

Maxine Waters Calls Obama's CBC Criticism 'Curious'

Waters says the president would never have told any other group of legislators to “stop complaining.”

Obama to Black Lawmakers: 'Stop Crying, We've Got Work to Do'

The president’s remarks were just one of the more memorable moments from the annual Congressional Black Caucus’s legislative conference.

Maxine Waters Asks Why The President Is So Afraid to Say 'Black Unemployment'

In an interview with Loop 21, the outspoken lawmaker explains why she’s been so critical of the president.

Black Dems Breaking Silence on Obama--'We're Getting Tired, Y'all'

Maxine Waters has had vocal criticism for both the president and the tea party during congressional recess. But is this the beginning of a public break between the CBC and White House?

Leaked Memos Confirm Suspicions About Maxine Waters Ethics Probe

Those in the Representative’s camp say the new information proves the case to be a bungled partisan affair.

Questions Remain in Ethics Committee Probe of Maxine Waters

If there’s nothing wrong, why such hesitancy to let us know what’s going on?

Maxine Waters Questions Strength of Ethics Charges

The House ethics committee has canceled the lawmaker’s public trial.

Black Lawmakers Anxious Over Ethics Trial Dates

Charlie Rangel and Maxine Waters can’t wait to clear their names.

Rangel, Waters Ethics Trials Not Expected Till After Elections

Either way, it’s more bad news for Democrats headed into November’s elections.

Rep. Waters Faces Formal Charges, Ready to Square Off

Another black lawmaker’s in the hot seat.

Rangel, Waters and the Perils of Entrenched Power

Corruption may not be the point. Maybe they’ve just been in charge way too long.