Marc Lamont Hill

Marc Lamont Hill. Black man in blue suit jacket and white shirt with white screen behind him

Watch the UN Speech That Got Marc Lamont Hill Fired From CNN

The author, scholar and activist delivered the remarks at the United Nations as part of the annual programming for the International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People.

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WATCH: Michael B. Jordan, Michael K. Williams Star in Short Film on Police Violence

Harry Belafonte: “When you have a large population of murdered young men in the streets of America and they’re all Black or African-American descent, I think there’s somebody sending us a message. And we should respond to that message.”

Protester wears a black T-shirt with white writing that says "Ferguson is Everywhere"

Q&A: Marc Lamont Hill on Michael Brown, Imperfect Victims and Getting Past Survival Mode

Two years after the Michael Brown was shot to death by Ferguson officer Darren Wilson, the TV host, professor and writer Marc Lamont Hill shares why he dedicated his latest book, “Nobody,” to the 18-year-old, what’s changed in Ferguson and why we need to reframe how we see Black women’s encounters with police.

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QUOTABLE: 3 Must-Read Excerpts From Marc Lamont Hill's New Book

“Nobody: Casualties of America’s War on the Vulnerable, from Ferguson to Flint and Beyond” is out today (July 26), and you’re not living right if you don’t read these three passages right now.

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Marc Lamont Hill to Host New VH1 Late-Night Talk Show

VH1 Live!” premieres Sunday, July 17.

The Top 5 Things Folks Are Saying About Dyson vs. West

“The Ghost of Cornel West,” Michael Eric Dyson’s takedown of his former mentor and friend, has been a hot topic for days. For posterity, here’s a highly unscientific survey of what people think about it.

White Conservative Ben Ferguson: Rappers Profit Off of the N-Word

During a Don Lemon panel discussion, Ferguson, a conservative radio host, tells Trinidad James he’s only on the show because he uses the n-word in his music.