Georginia Sappier-Richardson. Indigenous woman in gray shirt and black and yellow and blue patterned vest speaks at brown wood table in front of Indigenous boy and woman with woman in black shirt and orange and green scarf in foreground

Wabanaki Seek Healing and Justice in 'Dawnland'

A new documentary follows the Maine Wabanaki-State Child Welfare Truth and Reconciliation Commission as it explores the legacy of forced child relocation policies.

Andrea Jenkins and Ravinder Singh Bhalla

What You Need To Know About The Election Results, in 9 Tweets

Progressives of color won bigly.

Paul LePage in navy suit with pink and navy striped tie

Maine Governor Will Not Resign Amid Fallout From Racially-Charged Comments, Violent Voicemail

Paul LePage also insisted that he will no longer speak with reporters after revelations of his tirade against a state representative he thought called him a racist. 

Trump in navy suit at brown podium, blurry images of faces behind him

Somali-American Man to Donald Trump: 'I Am No Danger to the Community'

Somali Americans across the country responded to Trump’s allegation during a Maine campaign event that the refugee community drains resources and promotes terrorism.

Maine Governor Attributes Heroin Trafficking To 'D-Money,' 'Shifty'

“Incidentally, half the time they impregnate a young, White girl before they leave,” says Governor Paul LePage about out-of-state drug dealers with names like “D-Money,” “Shifty” and “Smoothie.” 

Maine Mayoral Candidate Ben Chin: Integration Is 'An Inherently Messy Process'

We caught up with the Lewiston, Maine, organizer and mayoral candidate about the racist signs targeting him, progressive politics in small cities and the Lewiston reputation he hopes to change. 

Maine Mayoral Candidate Ben Chin Targeted With Racist Attack Ads

The signs—posted on the buildings of a landlord whom Lewiston mayoral candidate Ben Chin has blasted over sub-standard living conditions—compare Chin to Ho Chi Minh. 

#BringBackOurGirls One Year Later, Cops Pay Bitcoin Ransom, Dennis Quaid Flips Out

Some of Tuesday’s big headlines