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John Oliver. White man sits at desk in dark suit with blue tie and red and blue checked shirt. Graphic beside him reads, "Immigration Courts."

WATCH: John Oliver Breaks Down How the U.S. Withholds Justice From Immigrants

One immigration court judge says they are essentially conducting “death penalty court cases in a traffic court setting.”

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Forget Congress. Who's Running Your Statehouse?

Statehouses passed more than 24,000 laws this year compared to Congress’ 185 since January 2013.

Making Net Neutrality a Laughing Matter

Kevin Avery, a stand-up comedian and a writer for “Last Week Tonight with John Oliver” co-wrote an epic skit about net neutrality. Here’s how he helped make a dense topic hilarious.

Talk of De-Militarizing Local Police Misses the Point

It’s going to take more than pulling Iraq battle tanks off Ferguson’s Main Street

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