Jasiri X

Black man with black beard in grey hat and hoodie with white text and black backpack in front of white building and green lawn and trees and black fence

ICYMI: Jasiri X Calls Out 'The Whitest House' in Blistering New Song, Music Video

“I wanted to make a statement about the rise of White supremacy, from the White House on down, and what it means and has meant historically for Black, Brown and Indigenous people.”

Rapper Jasiri X's New Video 'Crooked Cops' Takes Aim at Police Brutality

Dedicated to a crooked cop near you.

Favianna Rodriguez Talks Art and Activism on Pharrell's YouTube Channel

Immigrant rights activist Favianna Rodriguez talks social change through art.

Rapper Jasiri X's New Video Calls Out This Election's Silence on Poverty

Pittsburgh rapper Jasiri X new music video for the song “Don’t Forget About The Hood” looks at how issues about the poor and those living in poverty have been “forgotten” this election season.