Immigration Reform

Department of Homeland Security's white, navy, red and green seal on a woodgrain background

Lawsuits Nationwide Seek to Block Trump Policy That Denies Citizenship to Low-Income Earning Immigrants

The updated public charge rule, scheduled to take effect next week, would privilege wealthy immigrants over those who need financial assistance.

Politicians sit and shake hands as Trump stand over them inside the Oval Office of The White House.

Guatemala and U.S. Could Unleash Political Crisis With New Deal to Restrict Asylum

The “safe third country” agreement could threaten the lives of thousands of Central Americans. 

Profile image of Black male Department of Homeland Security agent wearing a police uniform and eyeglasses.

DHS Hits Undocumented Immigrants with Fines of Up to $500,000

The Trump administration is seeking to charge those who did not leave the United States after being ordered to do so.

Outside view of a brown brick hospital emergency room, with ambulance written above the main door.

Doctors Say Migrants in Need of Medical Care Are Treated Poorly

Recently apprehended asylum-seekers who are only in custody because of their immigration status are reportedly victimized via extreme security measures.

Paul Ryan Says House Won’t Tackle Immigration Reform During Obama’s Term

House Speaker Paul Ryan: “I think it would be a ridiculous notion to try and work on an issue like this with a president we simply cannot trust on this issue.”

Child Makes It To Popemobile, Asks Francis to Assist in Family's Immigration Case

A five-year-old somehow made it past an epic blockade in Washington, D.C. to deliver the visiting Pope a pro-immigration reform message. 

Could Pres. Obama's Action on Immigration Help the Fight for $15?

Increasing the minimum wage may require immigration reform

Obama Suggests He Won't Provide Immigration Relief Before Election

Immigration enforcement could actually get tougher until then

Obama to Use Executive Action to Increase Border Enforcement

The president once again blamed Republicans for not passing comprehensive immigration reform.

Jose Antonio Vargas Opens Up About 'Documented'

The journalist discusses American nationalism, Right Wing haters and his difficult relationship with his mom.

'Documented' Opens in Theaters

Jose Antonio Vargas’s immigration film is deeply personal.

Is Immigration Reform Undermining Latino Civil Rights?

One veteran of Latino politics wants to talk about it

Risking Arrest for Her Mom

Despite opposition, one Latina keeps pushing for immigration reform

Obama Wants Immigration Enforcement to Be Done 'More Humanely'

The president orders a review. Is that enough?

Ann Coulter Suggests Creating 'Death Squads' if Immigration Reform Passes

At the recent CPAC convention, Coulter makes several outrageous comments about immigrants and those who support immigration reform.

Immigration Activist Disrupts Obama Speech in Connecticut

The minimum wage increase is no distraction to some immigration reform advocates.

Adelanto Immigrant Detention Facility Under the Microscope

Three young women locked themselves to the facility gates today on behalf of three individuals currently detained there.

Kids Write Letters to Congress Asking For Immigration Reform

Their message: keep our families together.

'Catch an Illegal' Game Thwarted, Becomes Immigration Reform Rally

Actress America Ferrera joined around 500 students and advocates at the rally.

Immigration Advocates Fast for Reform

Despite popular consensus that immigration reform won’t happen this year, advocates aren’t giving up.