Immigration Reform

How Immigration Reform Could Benefit LGBT People

A new infographic from the Center for American Progress maps out immigration reform for LGBT communities.

Luis Gutierrez Shames Obama and Republicans on Immigration Reform Impass

Gutierrez says, ‘There’s much more the President can do about deportations.’

Number of Immigrant Youth Left Alone in the U.S. on the Rise

The number of unaccompanied immigrant minors in the U.S. has tripled in the last five years under a broken immigration system.

Border Patrol Announces It Will Continue Using Deadly Force Against Rock-Throwers

Eight people have been killed by border agents in rock-throwing incidents since 2010.

Illinois Will Soon Begin Issuing Driver's Licenses to Undocumented Immigrants

Starting November 12 undocumented immigrants can begin applying for licenses.

Settlement Reached to Block Key Parts of Alabama Immigration Law

A coalition of civil rights groups declared victory yesterday after two years of battling an immigration law criticized for being excessive and leading to racial profiling.

'The Graduates/Los Graduados' Premiers on PBS

A new documentary series follows six Latino youth across the U.S. who are conflicted about dropping out of high school.

Do Women Have More to Lose If Immigration Reform Dies?

Non-citizen women are three to six times more likely to experience domestic violence than those born in the U.S. As immigration reform efforts stall, those women are left out in the cold.

Demonstrators Block Deportation Buses in Tucson

Protestors in Tucson, Ariz. are stopping ICE buses full of people being taken to ‘Operation Streamline, which rapidly deports as many as 70 immigrants each day.

ACLU Calls for Investigation of 'Roving' Border Patrols

Following a settlement over ‘roving’ border patrols in Washington state, the ACLU is turning its attention to similar circumstances in Arizona.

Confrontation With Arizona Border Patrol Turns Violent

Arizona police used pepper spray and rubber bullets against demonstrators who attempted to stop Border Patrol from taking two immigrants into custody.

Lawmakers Among the 200 Arrested at Immigration Rally

Thousands came out for Tuesday’s rally in Washington D.C., the latest demonstration aimed at putting pressure on Congress to take action on immigration reform.

Brown Signs Bills Increasing Protections for California Immigrants

On Saturday CA Gov. Jerry Brown signed the ‘TRUST Act’ into law, which prohibits local law enforcement from detaining immigrants who have not committed serious crimes.

House Democrats Introduce New Immigration Bill Amid Government Shutdown

The new immigration bill seems as unlikely to pass as the Senate-backed bill, but House Democrats are still trying.

Majority of Detained Immigrants Have No Criminal Convictions

Despite adjustments to detainer guidelines, a new report shows only a small percentage of immigrants in detention have committed serious offenses.

Epic Documentary Charts Past Decade of Immigration Reform

Michael Camerini and Shari Robertson’s new nine-part documentary premiers at the New York Film Festival on October 11.

Is Obama's Refusal to Halt Deportations Justified?

His justifications for not suspending deportations for new classes of immigrants look increasingly flimsy.

Applying for DACA? There's an App for That

Undocumented youth can get tips on applying for deferred action right from their cell phones.

Listen to a U.S. Citizen's Story of Being Detained By Immigration Enforcement

WNYC reporter Sarah Abdurrahman is detained at the border along with multiple family members, and is now filing an official complaint

DREAMer Activist Self-Deports After Time Runs Out

Juan Gomez voluntarily left the U.S. after multiple attempts for work authorization failed.