Border Security Remains Key Issue In Presidential Campaigns

READ: How Congress Can Help Pregnant Migrant Women in Detention

A reproductive rights advocate writes about legal solutions to a growing crisis.

Is ICE Punishing Immigrant Rights Activists for Their Political Activity?

NYC immigration rights organizer Ravi Ragbir is facing deportation on Saturday. He is just one of several activists around the country who have been detained or deported after publicly fighting to change the system.

A woman in a taupe coat stands before a uniformed police officer holding up a sign that says "No ban, no wall."

Surge of Somali Deportations Worries Communities Already Facing Marginalization

A reported 4,000 Somali nationals are in the pipeline for being deported to a homeland suffering a severe humanitarian crisis.

Festival audience in multi-colored clothing stand undernearth blue neon lights

South by Southwest Deportation Clause Sparks Artist Backlash

Musician Felix Walworth brought attention to a long-standing clause that suggests festival-sanctioned international artists who play unauthorized shows risk possible referral to immigration authorities. 

Hosted by Noticias Telemundo Anchor José Díaz-Balart, “Conoce tus derechos” (Know Your Rights) covered specific scenarios under President Donald Trump’s new immigration policies and informed the audience about their legal rights.

3 Must-See Segments from Telemundo's Latest 'Know Your Rights' Special

The Spanish-language network touched on what documented and undocumented immigrants need to know if ICE officers show up.

The border wall on July 6, 2012, in Nogales, Arizona. President Donald Trump wants to expand this wall, which currently separates Guadalupe García de Rayos from her husband and two children after she was deported yesterday (February 8).

ICE Deports Mexican Mom, Separates Her From Children

“No one, no one, should go to through the pain of packing [their mother’s] suitcase,” said Guadalupe García de Rayos’s 14-year-old daughter.

A woman's hand dials on a blue wall-mounted public phone

ICE Agrees to Overhaul Phone Policy for Immigrant Detainees

As part of a settlement with the ACLU, the agency will provide free, private access to telephones for detainees in Northern California.

Educators and Activists Urge Hillary Clinton to Stop Student Deportations

“Our children should be in school and not in detention centers. We are here to demand that Hillary act on her campaign promises.”

Latina Activist Arrested at Arizona Trump Protest, Transferred to Immigration Authorities

Jacinta Gonzalez is a U.S. citizen.

Philadelphia is Officially a Sanctuary City—Again

Under order from new mayor Jim Kenney, Philadelphia will once again halt most collaboration between local police and Immigration and Customs Enforcement. 

UPDATE: 100+ Women Now Refusing to Eat in Texas Immigration Detention Center

Women detained at the T. Don Hutto Residential Center in Texas are on day 14 of a hunger strike.

ICE Contracts With Private Prison Company to Manage Cases of Asylum-Seeking Immigrants

Activist Mary Small: “To entrust the care and well-being of traumatized asylum-seeking women and children to a subsidiary of GEO Group, a private prison company with an extensive rap sheet of human rights abuses, is unconscionable.”

ICE Is Issuing Fewer Immigration Holds, But Not Sticking to New Guidelines

While ICE is asking law enforcement agencies to detain fewer people than this time last year, the data reveal that the agency isn’t sticking to a promise to primarily hold convicted offenders.

200 Men Launch Hunger Strike At ICE Detention Center Following Detainee’s Death

For the last 48 hours, more than 200 men have been on a hunger strike inside an Arizona immigration detention center in response to abuse and a “mysterious” death.

Five Questions to Think About During Clinton’s Remarks on Immigration

The Democratic presidential candidate will speak in Nevada this evening

Why Mothers Are on Strike at Karnes Immigrant Detention Center

“We want our FREEDOM,” they’ve written in a letter obtained by Colorlines

ICE Raid Apprehends Hundreds of Immigrants With Misdemeanors

Misdemeanor records account for nearly half of the people caught in a weeklong raid.

Goodbye, Secure Communities. Hello, Priority Enforcement Program

S-Comm has long been blasted as reaching too far. Will PEP-Comm be better?

DHS Sued to Stop Deportations

The suit seeks to expand deferred action for more immigrants

ICE Detention Officer Complains About 'Third World' Mothers and Children

Things are getting pretty bad at the Artesia detention center