ICE Detains Pregnant Women Against Its Own Policy

The estimate is that up to 57 pregnant immigrant women are being detained daily.

More than 70,000 Parents with U.S.-born Kids Deported in 2013

Families continue to be torn apart

San Francisco Will End Mandatory Shackling of Immigration Detainees for Court

The settlement will only apply to San Francisco.

"Dreamer" Erika Andiola's Mom To Stay in the U.S.

ICE buckled to public pressure

Immigrants Begin Protest Inside El Paso Detention Center

Up to 40 asylum seekers at the El Paso Processing Center are demanding their release.

Demonstrators Block Deportation Buses in Tucson

Protestors in Tucson, Ariz. are stopping ICE buses full of people being taken to ‘Operation Streamline, which rapidly deports as many as 70 immigrants each day.

Majority of Detained Immigrants Have No Criminal Convictions

Despite adjustments to detainer guidelines, a new report shows only a small percentage of immigrants in detention have committed serious offenses.

LAX Officials Threaten to Deport Palestinian Filmmaker On His Way to Oscars

An Oscar nominated Palestinian filmmaker and his family traveling to Los Angeles for the Academy Awards this Sunday were detained for hours at the Los Angeles International Airport by U.S. Customs officials. Emad Burnat, whose film “5 Broken Cameras” has been nominated for Best Documentary Feature, was held for an hour and a half for questioning on why he was visiting Los Angeles. “Although he produced the Oscar invite nominees receive, that wasn’t good enough & he was threatened with being sent back to Palestine,” said director Michael Moore in a tweet.

ACLU Obtains Emails That Prove ICE Officials Set Deportation Quotas

U.S. immigration officials laid out plans last year that would ratchet up expulsions of immigrants convicted of minor crimes as part of an urgent push to make sure the government would not fall short of its criminal deportation targets.

ICE Raids Wrong Home [Video]

With guns drawn, ICE agents realized they had the wrong house 5-minutes later.

U.S. Spends More On Immigration Enforcement Than FBI, DEA, Secret Service Combined

Nearly $187 Billion Spent on Federal Immigration Enforcement over Past 26 Years

HIV-Positive DREAMer in Urgent Need of Medical Care Stuck in ICE Custody

A petition is urging ICE to immediately release and end deportation proceedings for a 27-year-old HIV-positive DREAMer that was held in a Florida detention center without medical care.

ICE Agents--With Anti-Immigrant Group's Help--Sue DHS

The lawsuit challenges the Obama administration’s deferred action program and argues it

prevents ICE officers from “fulfilling their sworn oath to uphold the law and defend the U.S. Constitution.”

ICE Director John Morton Gets Very Own Satirical Twitter Account

Immigration reform activist launches a fake Twitter account for Director of ICE John Morton.

Local Fight Against Deportation Pipeline Moves From Money to Rights

The Obama administration is willing to pay big money to make sure the politically symbolic Cook County doesn’t ditch its marquee immigration enforcement program. Key lessons? Fighting unjust policy with a fiscal argument has its limitations.

Child Sex Abuse Reported at Shelter for Undocumented Youth

A former case manager at a shelter for undocumented youth caught crossing the border by themselves is being accused of sexually abusing six teenagers while he was supervising calls they made to relatives in Central America.

Man Who Died in Massive Honduras Prison Fire Was Accidentally Deported

The fire was the largest and worst prison fire in Latin American history

Baltimore Mayor Prevents Police From Asking About Immigration Status

Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake has signed executive order prohibiting police officers from asking people they come in contact with about their immigration status.

Shootout Between ICE Agents Leaves 1 Dead

An argument between an ICE agent and his supervisor escalated into gunfire Thursday evening in Long Beach, Calif. leaving one dead and the other seriously injured.

ICE Creates Public Advocate Position to Serve 'Those in Immigration Proceedings'

Advocates say ICE would do better to halt programs like Secure Communities than patch things up with these sorts of minor reforms.