Marcus Scribner, Tracee Ellis Ross and Anthony Anderson. Black teenage boy in black pants and blue jean jacket and white shirt stands next to Black woman in red superhero outfit with silver rings next to Black man in black tunic with silver embroidery

On The Fright—and Delight—Of Halloween

Because nothing is more terrifying than racial injustice—and nothing is more adorable than kids whose costumes show us who they really are.

Amber Ruffin. Black woman with dark brown hair smiles in pink dress with rhinestones in front of purple wall with grey and white text and insignia

Amber Ruffin On Megyn Kelly's Nostalgia for Blackface

The comedian tackles Kelly’s latest racist remarks on “Late Night with Seth Meyers.”

Cover art for "Black Frankenstein," features frightened Black woman with Afro and unbuttoned red sweater

LISTEN: The Black Opera's 'Black Frankenstein' is Scary on Halloween—and Every Day

“Black Frankenstein of horror, like Black man with all-White jurors. They tried to take my power, instead they made a monster.”

Colorlines screenshot of mitú Facebook video, taken on October 28, 2016.

Halloween PSA: Stay Away From Racist Costumes, America

“It’s just a costume,” they always say.

WATCH: First Look at Laverne Cox in 'The Rocky Horror Picture Show'

The first teaser trailer for the Fox production is here, and Cox is a vision.

Is Your Halloween Costume Racist? Check This Flowchart

Don’t be a jerk.

Janay Rice Speaks Out About Those Racist Domestic Violence Halloween Costumes

She’s being victimized all over again.

Native Appropriations Reminds You: Don't Dress up Like an Indian on Halloween

This collection of eight posts should resolve any confusion you may still have about this.

Picking a Halloween Costume? Watch This Cupcake Tutorial First

‘So ignorantly tasty’

What Do People Get Out of Racist Costumes? A Cognitive Psychologist Explains

It’s one thing to repeatedly warn against wearing racist costumes. But it’s another thing entirely to understand why people wear them in the first place

PSA: Stay Away From White People This Halloween

If you want to survive, you should stay inside.

Eight 'Ethnic' Halloween Costumes That Went Horribly Wrong

Friends don’t let friends look like racist idiots on Halloween.

A Brief Halloween History on Why Blackface Is Always a Bad Idea

Considering such a costume this Halloween? Stop.

Queer Comics of Color Look at the Racism of Hipster Halloweens

Julio Salgado and Tina Vasquez show that you’re not alone in your Halloween anxiety.

Awful Halloween Costumes Cont'd: Bloody Asiana Flight Attendants

The crash killed three people and left dozens of people with life-altering injuries but, apparently, that’s funny to these folks.

These Men Dressed Up as Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman For Halloween

And if that doesn’t turn your stomach, then this might: the costume includes blackface and a bloodstained hoodie.

Here's Your Reminder Not to Be a Whack Racist This Halloween

It’s just not cute.

Here's How You Can Dress Your Child Up Like a Famous Artist This Halloween

Dear parents, 

Still looking for Halloween ideas for the kids? Look no further. Here’s how you can dress your adorable child up like a famous artist this year. Why? Well, why not? For instance, check out this Frida Kahlo costume from Oh Happy Day:

Frida Kahlo // We based this costume off one of the beautiful Frida Kahlo’s self portraits. The key to a good Frida costume is the flowers in the hair and the unibrow and moustache.

Materials Needed: Clip on Flowers, Eyeliner Pencil, Earrings, Scarf, and Dress.

Penn State Plans March To Counter Sorority's Mexican-themed Halloween Photo

Penn State officials chose not to pursue any disciplinary actions but the student body is planning it’s own action later this week.

Confused About Whether Your Costume is Racist or Not?

Confused About Whether Your Costume is Racist or Not? Here’s your last minute checklist.