Ohio Students Warn Against Being a Racist Fool This Halloween

Controversy surrounding racially offensive Halloween costumes and theme parties have become a routine part of the holiday on college campuses. One student group wants to make a difference.

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Can Your Halloween Costume Be Racist, Even If You Aren't? [Reader Forum]

In our most-commented post ever, readers dig deep into the rules of casual Halloween racism, in light of a viral new campaign by Ohio student group STARS.

Ohio Univ. Activist Explains 'We're a Culture, Not a Costume' Campaign

Activist Stephanie Sheeley talks to Colorlines.com about the anti-racist Halloween campaign that’s gone viral.

Ohio Univ. Students to Classmates: 'We're a Culture, Not a Costume'

Controversy surrounding racist Halloween costumes have become a routine part of the holiday on college campuses. Some Ohio University students decided to get in front of the problem this year–and they’re making a national sensation doing so.

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Northwestern's Dean Asks Students, "Is Your Costume Racist?"

Campus leaders hope students can avoid making headlines in blackface again this year.

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Yes, retailers are actually selling an “illegal alien” costume. Just don’t do it.

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An Open Letter to Target, Regarding "Illegal Alien" Costume for Halloween

via Cindy Mosqueda at Loteria Chicana & LA Eastside


Dear Target,

Before you wear that racist halloween costume...

rastawig.jpgH/T AngryAsianMan

I know many people are already excitedly planning their costumes for this year’s Halloween celebrations, so I thought we could provide a guide to help: How To Not Dress Like a Racist on Halloween 1. Don’t paint your skin black (or any other color) to be another race.

Black Facing Halloween

by Thanu Yakupitiyage

Several days after Halloween, stories are still coming in about people costuming in blackface. This time Applied Research Center intern, Thanu Yakupitiyage, describes government officials playing racist on Halloween.

Homeland Security Sorry for Racist Costume; No Time for 'No Child Left Behind'

Top Immigration Official Apologizes for Racial Halloween Costume A public apology was issued by a Homeland Security Department official for a fellow employee dressed in prison stripes costume, with dreadlocks and dark makeup at a Halloween party at the agency. MSNBC