Eshe Shukura, a Black person wears a t-shit that says "This is What an Abortion Access Supporter Looks Like."

WATCH: Advancing Reproductive Justice in the Age of Trump, Part 2 [VIDEO]

Georgia-based reproductive justice organizer Eshe Shukura talks to Colorlines about why it’s important to modernize the reproductive rights conversation.

An old, abandoned state penitentiary cellblock bathed in sunlight.

How An Antiquated Reading of the Law Prevents the Formerly Incarcerated From Voting in Georgia

State officials maintain a strict interpretation of the law, which prevents voting by anyone convicted of a “felony involving moral turpitude.”

Black man in white tuxedo and black glasses smiles while holding gold award statue in front of black and white and gold background

Hollywood Reacts to Georgia Abortion Law

Nearly $3 billion was spent in the state on television and film shoots last year. Now, producers are using that leverage to protest the restrictive law.

Protesters hold signs. Two blue and white signs say, "Keep abortion legal." One black and white sign says, "Abortion kills a person."

Georgia Is Latest State to Ban Abortion After Six Weeks

The “heartbeat ban” is opposed by politicians, reproductive rights activists and prominent names in Hollywood and the business world.

Stacey Abrams. Smiling Black woman in blue top stands at podium

WATCH: Stacey Abrams Accepts Party's Nomination for Georgia Governor

“We are writing the next chapter of Georgia’s future, where no one is unseen, no one is unheard and no one is uninspired,” said Abrams, the Democratic candidate who is on track to become the nation’s first Black female governor.

Facebook box with blue border, white background and black text

Georgia Educator Fired for Racist Facebook Posts

Jane Wood Allen was fired for several Facebook posts in which she made racist statements against Black people and Muslims.

Court Tosses Restrictive Proof of Citizenship Requirement for Would Be Voters

A federal appeals court ruled that the provision—which required the likes of a birth certificate just to register to vote—was illegal.

Barbara O. Jones in multicolored dress against brown tree trunk

WATCH: New Trailer for Restored Version of Julie Dash's Seminal 'Daughters of the Dust'

The 1991 film is cited as an inspiration for Beyoncé’s visual album “Lemonade.”

ICYMI: Justice Dept. Aims to Shut Down Debtors' Prisons

From recently filed brief: “Incarcerating those who cannot afford to pay the bail amounts, without meaningful consideration of alternatives, infringes on equal protection and due process requirements.

Black teen with dreadlocks kneels on gym floor wearing white and red basketball uniform

DOJ: No Charges in Kendrick Johnson's Death

The Black teenager’s body was found rolled up in a wrestling mat three years ago.

John Lewis Discusses Modern-Day Relevance of Freedom Rides in New Short Doc

Independent filmmaker and Blackout for Human Rights member Terrance Pitts directed “Wade in the Water: Movement Talk With John Lewis.”

Park Cannon, the Black, Queer, Millennial Woman in the Georgia State House, is a Very Vocal Minority

Park Cannon is one of just four openly LGBTQ Black officials in state legislatures nationwide. Here, she tells Colorlines about her unorthodox path to becoming a state representative, the homophobia she faced during the election and some of the things that inspired her along the way.

Educators and Activists Urge Hillary Clinton to Stop Student Deportations

“Our children should be in school and not in detention centers. We are here to demand that Hillary act on her campaign promises.”

Valdosta State Students Kicked Out of On-Campus Trump Rally Tell Their Side

The students, some members of the campus’ NAACP chapter, recount how police ejected them from the February 29 rally for GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump. They say they were watching quietly, not protesting. 

This Queer Woman of Color Just Won a Seat in the Georgia House

Park Cannon will be the third openly gay member of the Georgia House. 

Air Force Officials Call Description of MLK Day Skeet Shooting Event 'an Honest Mistake'

The “Martin Luther King Jr. FUN SHOOT” flyer garnered controversy for…well, just look at it. 

Pro-Confederate Flag Group Charged With Terrorism and Gang Activity

The 15 “Respect the Flag” members allegedly shouted racial epithets at a group of black partygoers and threatened them with a gun.

'Southern Rites' Documentary Examines a Town's Sharp Racial Divide

In Mongomery County, Georgia, which held segregated proms until 2009, a case of a white town leader killing a black man sounds all too familiar.

In Georgia, Immigration Frustration May Test Latino Voters' Impact

Latino voters may voice their frustration by staying home from the polls. Is this more than an election-season threat?

In Ga., Poor Educational Outcomes for Growing Immigrant Youth Population

Georgia ranks eighth in country for the size of its immigrant population, up from 16th in 1990.